Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthdays Abolished

Not in real life, just at my office. We used to have this ritual for every office birthday. The birthday boy or girl picks where they want to "order in" for lunch and what dessert they want and our boss treats the office to a lunchtime birthday celebration. Then we all sit in the conference room and eat our lunch and dessert and try to talk to each other, until we sing happy birthday and then it's safe to go back to work

I thought birthdays at the office were just painful for me, but now that they are abolished, I assume that I'm not alone. Everyone mutually agreed that we didn't want to deal with it anymore. And now, here we are, a no birthday celebrating office.

Birthdays were painful for me because I have to get everyone's order for lunch and go pick it up. My job is very multi-faceted. Waitress is one of the facets. It's sounds simple, but no, no, it was never simple. This is because my colleagues seemed to get confused that I'm not actually a waitress at the chosen restaurant and ask me questions about the menu. When I first began working, I would go to any length to answer their ridiculous questions about the menus. Eventually, I realized that they can deal with it. "I don't know what kind of bread they make that sandwich with. and I don't know if that comes with fries. I've never been there. I don't work there." Why do they think I know these things? They also begin acting like this is the LAST meal they will ever eat and that what they order for lunch is an extremely crucial decision. Just get the crispy chicken salad!!! It will be fine!!! Sigh. And then if I get back to the office with all the food and something is missing or wrong with an order. Oh the drama that ensues.........

Saying that, all that nonsense was usually worth it for two reasons: 1. we were celebrating someone's birthday, making them feel special (yes, i'm cheesey) and b. dessert. I'm a dessert person, so desserts really awakens that fat kid that lives inside of me and makes me very happy. So, since, birthdays at work meant dessert I could handle the rest of it. It was especially fun when the office was on this big Sprinkles kick and we would get Sprinkles for every birthday. That was a good time.


Tomorrow is someone's birthday at work and even though we are not supposed to acknowledge it, I will be making a dessert and bringing it to the office. I have to hold on to one birthday work tradition. I refuse to listen what anybody says, everyone wants something sweet on their birthday. I will be making my mom's famous dirt cake. She makes it every April for my sister's birthday. Neal family favorite! Also, I'm going to put it in a flower pot with a fake flower so it looks like real dirt. The birthday girl is a gardener, so it makes sense. Pictures and recipe posted tomorrow. Robert will ask me why I'm making this tonight and I will tell him that I have to support my beliefs. I believe in dessert. Birthday lunches can fade at the office, but dessert. Dessert will live on.

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