Thursday, June 23, 2011

Miss USA

Who caught the display of spectacular pageantry on Sunday???

Robert saw that it was on and recorded it for us. Yes, he recorded it. Why, might you ask? He recorded it because Miss USA really plays out like an extended version of an SNL skit. Anyone who sees it as otherwise needs to set up a meeting with me and explain this.

The best part is the beginning. You get to see every girl from all 50 states and on the side of the screen it tells how old they are, their hometown and lists their "passions".

Passions. OMG. Passions are the best part. Okay, okay...maybe second best. The best part is when the finalists have to answer the question that they pick from the fishbowl. It's so excruciating to watch, but you can't turn away. The usually don't even ANSWER the question, they just say some jumbled up words on the topic that scarcely compose a sentence. Though Miss California did get the point across that she believed in medical marijuana, but failed to answer the question of whether or not we should legalize it.....ppppppffffftttt.

Back to passions. Robert and I had to pause it because we were laughing so hard at their passions.

I kid you not  - one girl had: Donuts and Rollercoasters listed as her passion. Another girl: Manicures.

Really??? Are you passionate about manicures??? ARE YOU??

Didn't someone help them with these answers?? Did they not realize they would be displayed??

Robert and I also couldn't stop cracking up at the hosts. Andy Cohen was acting like Cheri O'Teri when she did the morning show skit "Morning Latte" on SNL and Giuliana Ranic clearly thought this was the dumbest event in history.

Whew!! It was pure comedy people!! Be sure to tune in next year!!

And Congrats to Miss California (who is actually a natural blonde from Jersey) who took home the crown!!!

she shared that is a history buff. for example, she watches Game of Thrones (which is a fantasy, but whatever)


Jamie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! The Game of Thrones comment really threw Jack off guard as well. We were both DYING laughing! Also, one of the contestants passions was shoes. Let's please not forget that. Totally painful to watch, but next year I think we should all have a Miss USA watch party. We could turn it into a drinking game. Any time someone says some stupid - a round of shots for everyone :) We would be hammered.

a. scarff said...

hahahahah SHOES!! how could i forget SHOES!!! YES, drinking game next year FOR SURE!!!

Robert said...

Miss Alabama was the perfect representative for the public schools of the deep south (whose workforce she plans to join as "an educator").

"As Miss USA, I would make a great Miss USA."

Liz said...

i love your blog.

alexis scarff said...

Liz, I love YOU!!! I've still been thinking about your post on Sweden and I want to move there!!!