Thursday, June 16, 2011

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You know when you get to know someone and you realize that just knowing them will help you be a better person? Like better in all sorts of ways....smarter, funnier, more stylish, more in the know....

I feel that way about my friend, Daley. I've been lucky to get to know Daley through the Bible study that I was welcomed into several years ago. She always comes to Bible study looking perfect. She does not own an ugly outfit. I'm always marveled at how cute and put together she is. I usually straggle to Bible study in years old work out clothes or hideous work outfits that I'm embarrassed to own. The girls at Bible study probably find me to be a bit of a hobo, but it's okay. They are still nice to me :).

The other thing about Daley is that she's hilarious. She has a great sense of humor and has the best stories. You will never not be entertained around Daley. She's also crazy generous. Need to borrow dress? Daley will offer before you even ask. Need a contact because you are looking for a job in a new field? Daley will hook. you. up.

Also, spiritually, it has been inspiring to me how she wants to know and understand God on all levels....intellectually, emotionally. She is honest with her life and she continuously keeps pursuing God. It reminds me to do the same thing. See!! There she goes making me a better person!! ha.

AND what's even more impressive is that she's so humble, which is amazing because she is so talented.

When her sister got married, she drew a little map for her wedding. It showed where all the events were for the wedding weekend. It was really cute and people loved them. They began hiring her to draw them maps for their wedding weekends. So began, her little company, Merry Maps. Which has now done maps for weddings all over the world! So cool. She can do maps for anything too. Maps to a lake house, a ranch, a cabin....etc. She's been featured on lots of blogs and written about in publications. Sooo, she's pretty much famous now :).

She has recently re-branded Merry Maps to be called Daley Ann and will now provide a variety of services.

Check out her website here.

Love her party calligraphy.

 Check out her site!!! It's darling, you'll fall in love with Daley Ann :)

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