Monday, November 1, 2010

Post Halloween Thoughts: The Great Debate or so I thought.....

I thought that as a young lady, say 18-28ish, when the Halloween season arrives you have to decide, "Am I going to be one of those girls who tries to have a sexy or funny Halloween costume?? OR will I try to fall in between and go the cute route?" Sexy?? Funny?? Sexy and funny?? OR cute?? How do I go about this?

After attending the Halloween party at Trece last Saturday night I can say that most girls do NOT have that inner dialog at all. They have one voice within them that says one thing on Halloween night and it clearly states: your costume must be strictly SEXY - AS SEXY AND SLUTTY as possible besides being naked.

except for this girl who decided naked was okay.

it's actually not okay. 

I want to say that I've always been a strictly "funny" costume type of girl because I feel that the girls that go sexy take themselves way to seriously and can be looked at as just plain slutty. Alas, I can't say fully say this. I've tried to dabble on the sexy/cute border in the past with very sad and very pathetic results, which has turned me into the "strictly funny" costume person that I am today.  Or at least trying to be funny costume person or maybe just blatantly NOT trying to be sexy costume person.

(sidenote: so perfect that I'm posting about costumes and Halloween after Halloween? Typical.)

Here are some costume highlights and lowlights....

this was fun. Yes, I will take the physical challenge, Mark Summers.

probably my most fun Halloween to date. i was a dead 80s prom queen and YES the guy in the white and red was a tampon (SICK.). if i showed you a picture of what i looked like earlier in the night you might not speak to me again it was so bad/UGLY. note the ninja turtle passed out in the chair. Hi, Ben Coffee!!
there I am on the right being Snow White. this skirt was a little too short and it looked like i was trying to be sexy...ppppffftttt. the blonde second from the left is a guy dressed as a flight attendant. here we are re-enacting a graduation ladies lunch...I mean, what else would we be doing?

here I am as a raver; hence the glowsticks. i can't remember if i stole this idea from Sarah? anyway, my costume included a purse full of aspirin which i pretended were ecstasy all night and would offer to people. sorry if this offends you, ravers like ecstasy, i was just acting the part. 

This brings me to this year.....drumroll.......I was a robber with two of my best friends as we went out on the town for a bachelorette party......good times. 

we steal things. obviously. 

all robbers have mustaches. 

Why is dressing up the same as your friends so fun? It just is.

Back to the party at Trece. Our whole group, 7 of us, were DEFINITELY the most clothed girls there. And we even had a couple cute/sexy ones with us. But, it was the three of us robbers that were totally out of place with our full sleeves and pants. It's crazy to feel out of place due to just wearing a full set of clothes. I could tell every guy and gal in that crowd was thinking, "Why aren't they as scantily clad as possible or at least trying to be sexy??" 

Then when we put on the staches indicating there was no doubt that we were NOT trying to be sexy. BOLD move. In retrospect, I'm surprised we didn't get asked to please leave the premises. I just want to scream "We just want to dress up and have fun!! When did Halloween become a lingerie fashion show??!!" (Just kidding, I didn't want to scream. Few things can get me to the point of screaming) 

You know, it was clearly just the scene I was in this particular Halloween. Someone point me to an elementary school carnival where I can feel wholesome again. Then again that would be creepy because I have no elementary school age children. Hmmm. Maybe next year I will host a nice Halloween party and then I can feel myself again when I see people just in normal costumes and not dozens of Playboy bunnies and sexy Alice in Wonderlands...

In other horrendous costume news:

Merideth Viera, I love you, but you dressing up as Lady Gaga is about as funny as the Holocaust.

Halloweened out, bring on Thanksgiving.........

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