Thursday, November 11, 2010


Robert thinks I'm funny. Maybe because if he doesn't laugh at me, he will cry because he'll realize that I'm crazy.

Once and a while he pulls this line out of his pocket, "you should be a stand-up comedienne!"

Oh, should I?? Should I?

Then the plethora of comediennes run through my head and I reply to Robert with them:

Oh just call me Margaret Cho!

my sister had never heard of margaret cho?

Oh call me Janeane Garofalo!

what is the truth about cats and dogs?

And the always old faithful - Oh, call me Ellen Degeneres

she really is one hoot of a lesbian

Then I feel like I've kind of run the course of the comediennes out there and get really 90's and say...

Oh, just call me Roseanne Barr!

it is every husband's dream to hear those words from their wife

But in the last couple weeks, there's been some SNL tribute shows on. One of VHI and another giving a tribute to the WOMEN of SNL. Those are some funny bitches and don't need to be forgotten!! 

These really make me happy.

Where my girls at?? haha. Yay funny women. Laughing is important, just wanted to make sure you laughed today.

Next time Robert claims I'm funny, I'll have to pull out the names of the ladies of SNL

Oh, just call me Tina Fey!

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