Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Full of Thanks

I'm really trying to be jolly and get in the holiday spirit. But, frankly, I'm NOT full of thanks right now.

Perhaps this post title should be: NOT Full of Thanks

Rather, I'm full of bitterness because I'm at work. Full of rage. Full of immense hatred.

jk jk jk. I'm not going to start stabbing myself with my letter opener, but I just feel like each passing moment that I am here, I slip further and further into a deep hole of blackness.

(large deep breath)

Though I'd rather stare at the wall and feel sorry for myself, I think I'm going to force myself to name things that I'm thankful for to jolt me into the holiday spirit like the Target woman on the commercials. But, again frankly, I'm in NO mood to blog about things I'm thankful for. Here it goes anyway.....

I'm thankful for..............................Baby/Robert/Roberto/Bob

i'm thankful that he allows me to take solo shots of him everywhere we go. i.e. the following.....

i'm thankful that he doesn't mind that i mention him almost every single time i blog. can i have a complete thought without saying his name? no. co-dependence is my friend.

i'm thankful for the millions of big and little things that he does for me everyday that touch my heart without him even knowing it. i.e. ordering me that cherry limeade last night at Sonic (we're healthy) and constantly being supportive of my ever changing career goals

i'm thankful for our first year of marriage and i pray for many, many, many more. i like being married to Robert more than I've ever liked almost anything.

What elseeee...of course, family.

I am super SUPER thankful for my parents and how they raised me. They are so amazing. 

i'm very thankful for my littler sister. even though she doesn't read my blog or tell me any of her secrets even though i'm obviously a WEALTH of good advice. haha.

i'm also thankful for my in-laws. i really like them a whole lot. i made them take an "in the back of the cab" pic with me in NYC. 

I'm also very thankful for Grandparents (hug them and spend time with them if they are still here!) Aunts, Uncles, cousins....very important these people we're connected to. I am very thankful to be related to my family. Well, most of them. ha. 

and friends...very thankful for the constant love, support, laughter and fun of my friends....

my friends dressed up in 80s for my bachelorette party. i mean...whoa. 

my friends came all the way to Santa Fe to stand by my side the day i married Robert.

i cannot imagine life without them and i never want to!

i admire them in mannnyyyy ways and feel lucky that i'm in their lives. 

getting older i cherish going through big moments with my friends. this is Lauren's wedding weekend. so special to share these moments. 

so thankful for my friends!!! time, distance nothing can separate true friends and i love that. 

just amazing

oh memories. 

what on earth?

crazy excited to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friends' Adrienne's wedding next SUMMER!! AHHHH.

Okay, I covered my three main bases of normal thankfulness - love, family and friends and good thing because I was just told that I can leave. THANK YOU LORD. 

That actually did help my mood?? I'm so lucky I can just list off things that I usually take for granted. I hope you can remember things things tomorrow and everyday....Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Robert said...

What about pets and booze?

alexis scarff said...

really freaking thankful for pets and booze, of course!! i didn't get to cover year, next year...