Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Young Motherhood on Facebook

disclaimer: this doesn't necessarily bother me. it's just so prevalent i feel the need to state what's going on.

another disclaimer: maybe in a handful of years when/if i become a young mother i may have these very same facebook statuses. but, i doubt it because i'm not a big "status person."

a third disclaimer: i hope i don't offend any mothers or future mothers. i adore babies and all things baby related. i'm simply amazed by all of these "mother statuses".

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that mothers has overtaken my newsfeed. Please see below.

status 1
Ok...Mom's of 2 young ones out there...I need help with double strollers! We will be getting the Bob Dualie so that I can still run, but I want a tandem for errands, etc. Any suggestions??? Or does the double Bob work at stores? I was afraid it would be too wide...

status 2
About those child-proof cabinet locks... Jonathon is currently reaching his arm through the crack and pulling out sponges from under my kitchen sink. Hmm, we may need to rethink this.

status 3
Kids are asleep, cleaning the house...and tonight the hubbs and I get to have a "stay in" date! Whoop whoop!

status 4
Looking for binky advice...whats the best way to binky break? cold turkey, cut the tip off, or a slit in it? And how miserable is my life going to be???

status 5
cleaned out both of the boys closets, almost done with their laundry and now I'm ready for some lunch ~ hope I can make it to Goodwill today to drop off tons of clothes.

I have deleted their names. I am 99.9% sure these people don't read this blog. But, if they do, I have to say it's not personal, it's just the facts, there you are posting about "motherish activities" on the ol' FB. It's been discussed among my friends and Facebook has definitely made the shift to Mombook and I don't see this trend subsiding anytime soon.

And for the most recent Mom post....

my daughters ears hurt her every time we get on a plane!! Any suggestions???
7 minutes ago via BlackBerry ·  · 

Poor daughter's ear. And Misty Gere likes this?? I don't know you, but I'd say that's pretty sadistic, Misty.


Anonymous said...

Alexis - you have to go to lamebook.com you will die. It's SO funny!

Julia said...

i one hundred percent agree. another fun one: stfuparents.tumblr.com. classic.

alexis scarff said...

oh my goodness!! thanks girls!! i'm so excited to look at those!!!

Anonymous said...

Great, i found what i 've been lookin for