Wednesday, November 3, 2010

itty bitty teeny tiny font

Facebook. You, sneaky devil, you.

Smaller Newsfeed font?! No you diiiin't!!

This now allows me to do my scan of status updates with more efficiency.

Who's birthday is it? Who's engaged? Who posted pics? Who posted a funny article? And my favorite...Who changed their profile picture??

It's all condensed - more info flooding to me!! I have to click on "Older Posts" WAY less which saves me MAJOR time. Maybe I'll get around to posting that Fall 2010 album?? Maybe I'll apply for new jobs? Maybe I'll write that novel I've been meaning to get around to? The possibilities are. endless.

Mark Zuckerberg, keep on keepin' on. What ever your selling, I'm buying.

1 comment:

Julia said...

hahaha SO TRUE. i hate waiting for the "older posts" to load.