Friday, February 10, 2012

new words/phrases/things

No wonder becoming a mother completely transforms you. And I'm not talking about all the love you feel for your child. I'm just talking about the stuff. You find yourself saying all these new words and caring about all of the new things that you never really new existed. Well, I guess you always knew they existed, so it's not exactly new, but before now, it never really mattered. Now, it matters. I guess this started for me when I started registering for baby things. Trust me, I am very grateful to be registering and that people out there want to have showers to celebrate this exciting new thing of parenthood that is happening to us. To have friends and family that want to shower Baby Scarff with baby stuff and love makes me want to burst with gratitude. But, all this new stuff throws you into this whole new world. It's a little overwhelming at first. I'm done being overwhelmed now, but for a while I was reluctant to be totally into all these new words, things and stuff that I was having to deal with.

New things in my vocab and on my mind
-car seats
-breast pumps
-crib mattress
-crib bumpers/bed skirts
-towel wraps
-video monitors
-how i really need to read Baby Wise

the list goes on. Don't get me wrong, it's fun for the most part. But, if I stop for a minute I realize that a year ago, I never thought I'd be wondering, "did i register for the right stroller?", "should i read another review on that car seat?", "did i register for too many bibs?", "is the high chair i registered for too expensive? but does it matter because the pack and play i registered for is on the cheaper end?" I start to feel a little I seriously stressed out about a pack and play and a high chair? I feel even more crazy when I've changed the brand of car seat that I've registered for 3 times. And even more crazy when I wonder if all of these things are really necessary? so many THINGS.

I remind myself that a. nobody cares. They don't care if I register for the Fisher Price Lamb swing. and b. the baby really won't care, so I don't need to worry. All the baby will benefit from is love, not the shade of beige his bedding is going to be or if I registered for the right infant bath thing.

So, all that being said, I thought I'd announce that Robert and I are official owners of a crib. A step into acceptance of all of these changes and new words. I can't lie, a weird sentence to say, "I own a crib." But, we do. I got it off this website that I found through this wonderful blog. (the website) has a great range of crib choices and after much debate and emails between Jamie and Robert, we went with this one...

Sorry about the ghetto picture quality. I took a pic off of my computer to text my mom and sister. 

Robert put it together last night and here she is! 

The crib is in it's home. In 3 months hopefully there will be a baby sleeping in that thing. Meaning in 3 months Robert and I will be a Mom and a Dad? That's so real right now. TGIF everyone. 


Jamie said...

You and Robert already are a mom and dad :).

alexis scarff said...

si si, los padres to be over here need to get used to this!!