Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Longest recap ever...continued

Whew, hope you all enjoyed those typos in the last post! I was writing that post off an on all day yesterday while pretending to work. I had to hustle at the end of the day because there was some important mail I had to take. It wasn't important, it was my boss's personal bills. So, I didn't get a chance to re-read the post and I knew it was going to be scary. Some of my favorite typo highlights include:

-Calling Chris Harrison, "Christ". It's really not all that far off. Christ gives us access to the Father and came to earth to remind us what life is truly about. Chris Harrison gives us access to the knowledge of "the final rose" and is on this show to remind us that this IS A SHOW with a host and that is him.
-Saying that Emily was making a reference to the "chief of stuff" when I meant to say "chief of staff". I guess the chief of staff could be the chief of stuff too?
-calling Emily, Courtney. Basically the sentence stated that Courtney apologized to Courtney. Courtney is weird, but not that weird. I don't think....

Okay, that covers the highlights. I went back and corrected them. May they rest in peace.

Okay, let's wrap this up!

CASEY S. LOVES MICHAEL. Well, that poses a problem because she is suppose to be falling in love/borderline OCD obsessed with Ben to make this process work. She admits to Chris Harrison that actually, just last night, she realized that she still has feelings for Michael. Chris is like, "I think we need to go tell Ben." Casey is cool, calm and collected and agrees. I feel like Chris is her parole officer or something. Why does he have to be in the room while she tells Ben about Michael? But, it makes it more dramatic, so that's fun. Ben is surprised to see Casey, Chris and the camera crew. They sit down and Casey tries to explain why she's there and her complex relationship with Michael. She still has feelings for him and doesn't want to and wishes she could fall for someone like Ben. She manages to glaze over the fact that she and Michael were pretty much in a relationship when she came on the show. Ben is like, "well, this is why you can't open up." Please. Ben, you've talked to Casey S. like 3 times, what on earth do you expect? Ben thinks she should leave, she agrees. They hug. This is going pretty smoothly. Then they exit Ben's hotel room and the floodgates open. Chris becomes Christ and is carrying Casey through this rough patch. He is the shoulder she cries on. He is there with comforting words. Thank you God for this man. Casey is upset because she loves Michael, but it's not like she can BE with him...he doesn't want to marry her!!

Crying and more crying. It's not pretty. It was sad. I thought Blakely's melt-down was totally going to be the heavy moment of the show, but now it's definitely a toss-up. And WHO is this Michael character and why won't he marry Casey??!! It's making me mad. He needs help. I hope Casey moves on and finds someone better than Michael or even Ben. There are a lot of fish in the sea and you look cute is a faded denim jump suit so I think you have a lot going for you, Case! Oh and did she get in the cab barefoot? Because she was barefoot in Ben's room! Give her some shoes, ABC! And did she get to pack her bags? Someone pack Casey's bags! I will be hoping to check in on her on the "Women Tell All". 

Well, that's over. Now, we just have one Kacie, but I'm sure they will still call her Kacie B. 

Rose ceremony time! 

It really wasn't too eventful except for Jamie. I can't scarcely talk about it. It was devastating to see what she  thought she had to do to get Ben's attention. Is this what it's come to? Women think they literally have to throw themselves at men??

Fathers everywhere are weeping

I don't think this is what society as a whole has come to. I think it's maybe what Jamie thought she had to do to "stay in the game". Regardless, it's horrific. And this was definitely the heaviest moment of the show. Not Blakely, not Casey S., but Jamie straddling Ben. #HELP

She also told him she thought about things she wanted to do with him in her bed a night. I cringe! I die! STOP PLEASE. And then they were talking about how to kiss each other. It went from bad to worse to kill me please so quickly. The thing is, I don't think Jamie is slutty/desperate in real life. She is probably a pretty sweet gal. But, this show has this tendency to bring out the worst in people and this could be Jamie's rock bottom. No where to go but up, Jamie, hold that head up!

Next week......we're going to BELIZE!!!! YOU BETTER BELIZE IT!!! I've been there and I bought a shirt that says that.  I think Courtney is going down for questioning in the next episode, but you know, I don't think she'll go home?? Ben digs that black widow spider model! 

Over and out!!! 


Robert said...

Not sure which was harder to watch, Jamie's forced sexual aggression or that soap opera crying. Both were way over the top.

alexis scarff said...

hands down - Jamie for me. it was traumatizing.