Wednesday, February 22, 2012

.....continued...let's meet the parents

Hometown Numero Uno: Lindzi in Florida

Is anyone surprised what there are LOTS of in this hometown date? No. Me either, not surprised at all. Of course a hometown date with Lindzi=Horses. So many horses. Lindzi rides up on a horse. They ride a horse carriage thing to her house. They have a horse carriage race with her parents. HORSES!! #horseseverywhere Lindzi says horses have been a part of her life before she was born. What does that even mean? I suppose my unborn child will be able to say that "easy mac was a part of his life before he was born". pppfffftttt. Ben admits he's not too familiar with horses. (Yes, Ben, we remember your riding skills in Park City.) So after they fiddle with the horse, they sit down to have a picnic and to talk.

Lindzi tells Ben about her last serious relationship and...drummmmmrolllll.... they lived together. Well, Ben had no idea! Maybe he was like me and hoping and praying this isn't the guy who broke up with her via text message. She never clarified that, but that's the only other relationship she's talked about? She tells him how heartbroken it left her. Breaking up is hard to do. :( Ben is so glad she's letting her walls down and now understands why she has walls up. Is this is remodeling show? All this talk of walls! Ha. That was not funny. Lindzi says "vulnerable" is a BIG word for her. It is for anyone really. It can be 3 or 4 syllables depending on how you say it. Ha. And again, not funny.

They ride on to meet the parents. These parents are genius. They don't have the cameras come inside their house, they just chill outside the whole time. I mean, Lindzi's mom didn't even have to vacuum! Everything is going swell with them. They tell them about all the places they've been. Ben and Lindzi tell her parents that they went on their first date in San Francisco. Well, isn't that a coincidence, Lindzi's parents got married in San Francisco! Ben and Lindzi tell them they had a private concert in the city hall there. Well, that's were Lindzi's parents got the city hall! Lindzi acts like this is completely NEW news to her. I'm so bewildered. Did she not know where her parents got married? I mean, that's just one of those things you know about your parents, right? Call me old fashioned....

Ben talks with Lindzi's mom asks her if she thinks Lindz is ready for a serious relationship after the dramatic heartbreak of the last one.She thinks she is. Great news! Ben talks with Lindzi's dad, Harry, (I like Harry), he asks Harry if he were to propose what he would say. Harry is all about it! Lindzi is their only daughter and whole family. #awwww. I mean, besides the horses, that is.

Things go great at Lindzi's. Success for Hometown #1. Lindzi is definitely still in this to win it.

Hometown Date Numero Dos: Kacie B. in Tennessee

Ben shows up at a high school football stadium. (Stratford High Schoool Home of the Spartans...I have to mention that because that was Robert's high school's name and mascot...shout out!) And what is going on here?? There's a marching band!! And is that Kacie B. twirling her baton in the middle of it?? To my horror, it was. What on earth is she doing??

oh dear. Michelle Obama needs to take her weight loss program to Clarksville, Tennessee. Bless the white flag girls heart. 

That was just painful and weird. I mean, okay, okay it was sort of cute. But mostly, I just wanted to say, "let it go, Kacie B. the twirling days are over." The activity we did in high school does not say that much about us now and it's time to move on. And really is there nothing cooler to do in your hometown? 

Ben and Kacie pow-wow in the stands at the football stadium. Kacie tells Ben this stadium was named after her granddad and about the strong love her grandma and granddad shared. She uses this as evidence that she has had great examples of strong love in her life and that's what she wants. Ben has to cork a bottle of wine at this point. I wonder how many bottles of wine have been drunk on this season so far? I wonder if they are using only wines from Ben's winery?? Hmm. Kacie B. starts talking about her family. Ben starts to squirm uncomfortably. Kacie B.'s dad doesn't drink. This concept is pretty foreign to ol' Ben. He says "his business is booze", he is not sure how this is going to go. Yeah, forecast does not look so sunny, I'd say.

They arrive at casa de Kacie B. Did Ben seriously bring them a bottle of wine??? I mean, these people don't drink. Ben must have heard this, but not really "heard" it. 

Sort of like me telling my dad that I'm a vegetarian. He just doesn't hear it.

my sister: Dad, Alexis doesn't eat meat.
my dad: Okay. Does she want a t-bone or a rib-eye? 

Everyone sits down to dinner. Kacie B.'s mom said they have REALLY missed Kacie. They are a close family. Read between the lines Ben, you are effing up this tight knit family. Kacie and her sis talk. How cute is her sis! They discuss how her dad doesn't take risks. Well, he's a dad, Kacie B., he can't really run off and join the circus. 

Ben and Kacie's dad talk. It could have gone worse, but I'm not sure how. It's so serious. Kacie B.'s dad tells Ben how serious marriage is. I just frown looking at Kacie B.'s dad, I'm not sure if this man has any joy in his heart :(. Then Ben talks to Kacie B.'s mom. It's equally terrible. She lets Ben know that she does not approve of this whole "living together thing" that other couples that have been on the Bachelor do. She's watched the show and she knows how this drill goes. Well, okay, then! Nice to meet you too! That was fun! 

I think this whole meeting might have been the dealbreaker for Kacie B. and it's really a shame because I felt like they had the most chemistry from the start. But, it's safe to say no one wants to join this family after last night's episode. 

while taking a sigh of relief that this was over, I wonder what Ben thought of the all green canvas they had displayed? Modern art at casa de Kacie B.

Will post the rest of the recap asap... sorry for the inconsistent posting schedule. There are no rules on ppppffffftttttt. 


Jamie said...

I. Die.

"oh dear. Michelle Obama needs to take her weight loss program to Clarksville, Tennessee. Bless the white flag girls heart."

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