Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky Charm

Who needs a four leaf clover?

Velcro Dog sent me that handsome guy this morning. "Ohhh, I wove wittle wittle pugs!!!!" - said in my dog voice. We all have a dog voice, let's not pretend. 

Anyway, today one color comes to mind. Duh - Green. The blog world has been surfacing cute green things that I feel compelled to share today.

My sister posted  about her latest obsessions this week. One of them was this little number....

me gusta

Word on the street is that maxi skirts are coming back with a vengeance. Awesome. I have one that I sported during the summer of '05 that I can't throw away because I got it during my internship summer in New York aka the summer I peaked in fashion. I think it's been downhill ever since. I mean, I'm sitting at work today in Harold's black pants circa '06 and a Banana Republic green top circa '08 with dangling buttons. Dear me. Someone get Tim Gunn on the phone. 

Onward- I love this blog, if I had a fraction of her taste and money might help too, the world would be a better place. Or really maybe just my decor at home would be better. Scroll down to her post on March 15th. She informs the world the Emerald Green is a trend alert in design.

will i ever be able to keep up with design trends? ppffffttt.

Last but NOT least, how great is Spooniest? I want her to be my HR person. She's doing a raffle at her office. I die. Can that get any cuter? I think not. 

we don't have HR at my small office. everyone is free to harass each other. 

Yay green stuff!

So, tonight, I'm making this. Perfect weather for soup...80 degrees and sunny. ppppffftttt. Wish me luck. Also, March Maddness has BEGUN. Hope your picks are in. Robert's already taking this way too seriously because, well, sports are pretty effing serious to him and it's already thoroughly entertaining me.  Remember, when it comes to sports, it's not just a game, it's a serious matter.  Happy St. Paddys :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Pffffftttt you can come work and hubs can move in with Ande or Mary and we can have dog play dates and well it will just be magical!

Too much?

Thanks for the support....the employees had a TON of fun yesterday and the person who won the hate wore it all day....YAY!

Anonymous said...

I meant hat...not hate. No one won hate.

I'm confused now. Great.

alexis scarff said...

hahahah. i love when i "win the hate"!! your plan sounds awesome-doggie dates in OKC...yes!!