Monday, March 14, 2011

Why did God create whiskey?

So the Irish wouldn't take over the world. :)

on that note -Happy St. Patrick's week!

(thanks to my boss for that knee slapper. he usually tells semi-inappropriate jokes, but did get a sincere chuckle (not my fake work laugh) out of me after that one.)

Did you know this holiday was originally a religious one? Oh yes, I wikipedia-ed it this weekend. Another religious holiday gone completely secular, but this one trumps Christmas and Easter fo sho. People around the world solely celebrate St. Patrick's to drink copious amounts. Green beer, Irish car bombs, Jameson. St. Patrick's is about the booze.

On that note. If I was a stay at home mother and had time to bake desserts for every holiday, you know 1950's housewife style - I would make these desserts that are booze centered every March. Baked goods AND booze? Just when I thought I couldn't like baking any more....

3 recipes I found via foodgawker.

the recipes:

Yum, they all sound good to me.

Also, this week, March Madness begins! In my wildest dreams I never could have predicted that I'd care about March Madness. But, now that I'm married and I watch sports more than I've ever watched sports, I care about March Madness, I'm excited about March Madness, I love March Madness? Is this me stating this?


Here's a link to print yourself a bracket. It really is fun. I promise. Last year I read that less gets done in the corporate world during March Madness than any other time...who knows if that's accurate or not, but I'm going to do my part beginning right now by wasting time at work by blogging about March Madness. I hope you'll do your part too. Take a little time this week to NOT work and think about if Memphis is going to beat won't regret it!

Speaking of basketball. Robert and I watched a documentary last night on the Fab Five.

I didn't know about the Fab Five because I'm a girl, but I enjoyed the story. Robert loved the Fab Five as a little one. I asked him to say that he loved me more than the Fab Five...he did in a strained and despondent voice. HA. It's okay, he can love the Fab Five more than me, they've been together a lot longer :).

And speaking of L-O-V-E, The Bachelor Season Finale is on tonight. 

Who's it going to be Brad?

Brad and his bros own 4 bars in Austin. The Chuggin' Monkey, Molotov Lounge, The Dogwood and Dizzy Rooster. Party!

Is it Emily? Southern sweetheart, who is a fundraiser for a hospital in Charlotte. She has a 5 year old daughter and probably the saddest past of any contestant in Bachelor history. She lost her baby daddy in a plane crash :(

or could it be Chantal? Executive Assistant from Chicago. (shout out to Executive Assistants! well, I'm technically an Associate, but who are we kidding.) Chantal is divorced. Chantal's parents live in a big house. Chantal is emotional. 

I've pretty much made up my mind that Brad is in love with Emily and she will get the.........wait for it......wait for it...............FINAL ROSE. But, I've been wrong before, so we will see.

Okay - over and out for now. Hope the Spring Forward is treating you well.  Personally, I am still adjusting, but I think I'm going to make it. 

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