Monday, March 28, 2011


If you've ever read this blog, you know that a post can have any number of typos, misspellings and grammatical errors. Also, posts are not limited to, mis-information, plagiarism and hyperbole.

I usually don't acknowledge them and I let my husband tell me about them when I get home from work. After he tells me about them, I have a flash of embarrassment, claim that I'll never blog again, a period of self loathing and then I realize that the name of this blog is "ppppffffftttttt" which isn't even a word and readers probably aren't expecting that much from it. Then I go to yoga and I forget all about how I didn't learn where to put apostrophes and how I constantly forget where to put "to" and "too" and I move to the next crisis. Oh yeah, usually before the embarrassment portion I say something along the lines of, "oh, i wrote that in such a hurry! i can't believe i would make such errors!" - even if I've spent a solid 8 hours on it. (a girl has got to keep her pride.)

Instead of ignoring the errors in the last post entitled "Grave Errors" OR do that sneaky thing where I just go back and "edit my post" and try to pretend like it never happened, I'm going to go ahead and point out what an ignoramus I am.

1. This is purely the opinion of Robert Scarff. He doesn't like that I used "Ryan, I love ya!". "YA" does not work for him. I'm sure it annoyed others too. I was just trying to be breezey. I don't think there needed to be a serious. "Ryan, I love you." at that point in the post. Regardless, I received the stamp of husband disapproval. Still, Ryan, I love ya! and I love you. Whatever you prefer.

Ryan, Robert and I. July 4th 2010. Robert must be thinking of all the typos I make.

2. Also mentioning poor Ryan. I called him an "angle from above". Maybe my love for Geometry was coming out here. It was the only Math that I ever felt like I really "got" (not to brag - straight A's in 10th grade. Boom. don't be jealous). I didn't mean to call him an "angle from above", I actually meant to call him an angel from above. You know an extra-terrestrial being, not two straight lines that meet at a point. 

not this (Robert has been calling me his angle all weekend. ha. ha. ha.)

more like this. 

3. And final mistake (I think) is that I compared myself to Helen Mirren. --- i.e. -I'm classy! I'm Helen Mirren to these sweet innocent 19 year olds and if Ryan thinks I have a classy style, then all is right in the world. Again, according to my source of all knowledge, my husband, Bob: This just in- Hellen Mirren is not classy. She cusses in interviews? Eww. That does not a lady make. Although, I find that disappointing, my goal in that sentence was just to point out a vast age difference between my sister and her friends.You, 'Alexis is to Augusta and her friends' as 'Helen Mirren is to Natalie Portman'. Does this make since? So really whether or not she is classy is really second tier in my mind on what really matters. I was just trying to focus on age here. 

she looks classy? ppppfffffttttt

I'll try very hard to stop making typos on here, in emails, in texts, on resumes (JK i hope) and in life... but I ask, what's life if it's not a little messy? It's our mistakes that mold us into who we are, so I'll embrace them, I learn from them and I'll be thankful that I can be better for them and move on. We all burn dinner, we all get too drunk, we all say something we regret, we all buy something we can't afford- every once and a while.We are human beings. It's exhausting trying to put up a front of a life without mistakes, without typos, so I don't even attempt it anymore and I can't attempt it here - though I probably should and let Sarah and Robert proof-read my posts, because that's a little different. Winky face.

All for now. Monday is half way done. We can do this. 

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HHahahahaha one of my very favorite blogs