Friday, March 18, 2011


A couple blogs that I read are taking a "Bloggers Day of Silence" in an aim to raise awareness and respect and acknowledge the devastation going on in Japan. Read more about it here.

I don't know devastation, I don't know what it's like to truly need "relief". I'm so comfortable in my own world. So caught up in my own issues. So immune to the suffering and not doing anything to help. 

Comfort - it came up in my Bible study a couple weeks ago. How we go into our days thinking of nothing else, but how to make ourselves comfortable all day long. When we are believers of God, we are not of this world and it's just a fact that a lot of the time we may not feel comfortable - My sweet friend Allison, said she had just heard a sermon that said, "we should look at the day like we are going to battle." Each day is like that. Who is going to be the God of your day, your words, your thoughts, your actions? This is a daily decision. By not making the decision, someone else is winning the battle and it's not the God of love. I don't make the decision and I become my own God and I wonder why I can't find peace, why I'm worried, why I'm stressed.

The people in Japan probably feel that they are going to battle right now and they don't understand what it is for. Japan feels so far away. Honestly, I've briefly thought of the horror going on there since it's happened. Then, at Bible Study, as I do every week, I learn so much from the hearts of the others. 

During prayer requests, Anne said her request was to pray for Japan. Anne is pregnant with twins and probably has a million other things to worry about, yet Japan is on her heart. It made me take a deep breath and exhale and think of the suffering that I can't even comprehend going on over there for two seconds instead of what's going on in my immediate present. God forbid I interrupt my normal steam of thoughts that are usually something like "What's for dinner? My hair is ugly. I need a new dress." Seriously, I need to check. myself. Pause and pray for relief and help for the people of Japan. Please join me. 

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