Monday, March 28, 2011

what on earth....

Ummm. This is was at the top of my account today. (the address i used before i tied the knot, that i still use to update my blog with)

Warning: We believe your account was recently accessed from: South Korea ( Show details and preferences|Ignore

Okay? And like someone would chose to "Ignore" that? I feel kind of cool and worldly that someone is South Korea cares about my email address. Does that mean I need to get out more? 

*also, Sarah. don't worry I changed my password. hopefully i'm not sending everyone viruses causing their computers to crash. 

Also, this was on my Facebook wall today.......

Alexis installed the iPhone application on her phone.

I don't have an iPhone. I have a blackberry. I'm so confused. 

Tired of using technology...... 


Anonymous said...

Alexis! This is your cousin Judy Villella!!! I was stalking Augusta and found her blog, and she lead me to yours. You both are hilarious and are officially bookmarked as part of my daily internet playing. Cheers!!!

alexis scarff said... love!!! I always stalk Augusta, it's one of my fave daily facebook activities!! :) i'm excited you found my blog! stop by all the time!! i never tell anyone about it because it's so silly, but i'm so excited you have me officially bookmarked! i promise to try to keep entertaining ;)