Monday, April 5, 2010

A Serious Matter

One of my friends, who I fondly call Rhon (some of you may know her as Ande Courtney) asked me once what it was like being married. The response that I gave her was something along the lines of…it’s great, you do everything together and it’s just a lot of fun to come home to someone that you love. All of this is completely true, but more and more I’m realizing the biggest difference from single life to married life for me is SPORTS.  What is it like to be married? Just like being single but with ESPN in the background instead of Bravo.
I used to think I knew a little about sports. I now know that I know nothing about sports. I used to think I watched sports when there was something going on in the sports world. No, I never really “watched” sports. Robert’s knowledge of sports never ceases to amaze me. The stats, the memory of games, players, it makes me feel brain dead. I don’t know about anything, even like Disney movies, the way that Robert knows sports. Sports Illustrated, sports blogs, fantasy leagues. There is a constant stream of sports info circulating throughout the world, that being a girl, the kind of girl that likes pink and never had a brother, I just really haven’t been aware of until now.
Anyway,  call me a sports degenerate but I didn’t know that people took off of work to go to the opening day of baseball. Robert is at the Rangers game right now with a group of friends. I think it sounds like fun idea, yay baseball -taking off work to see this inauguration of the first baseball game of 2010. Who knew? 

I know I'm new at this wife stuff, but I'm learning slowly. Sports, not just a game, a serious matter. 


Sarah Smith said...

you should post a link to that blog you once sent to everyone about being a girl and keeping up with football...

alexis scarff said...

YES, I SHOULD- lol. I'm going to find that email...I was so serious about that sports blog.