Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cindy Shaeffer and Marie Sandoval

Who ARE they?

I’ll start at the beginning.

I went to two colleges, two Big 12 schools. Two years at OU, three at Texas Tech. (Yes, I took a victory lap
aka 5th year.)Going to two schools is confusing for people because nobody knows how to label me. Our society loves to label if you think about it. She’s an OU Kappa…she’s a Tech Kappa. He went to Highland Park, he went to Plano. So, what am I? What emblem do I stick on my car? Who do I root for? HELP. Anyway, I am a Sooner and a Raider – whatever I’m just a human being, but because I went to two schools, I’m friends with both Texas Tech peeps and OU peeps on the ol’ Facebook. This makes Jamie jealous because I have more friends (in life and on Facebook) than her, but it’s also caused me to be aware of two scandals. At the heart of these two totally unrelated scandals: Cindy Shaeffer and Marie Sandoval.

Cindy Shaeffer or Shaeffergate as I’ll now call it is the Texas Tech controversy. About six months ago, I got a friend request from Cindy Shaeffer. I don’t know a Cindy Shaeffer. I knew I didn’t know her. Then I see on my newsfeed that a big chunk of my facebook friends from Tech are friending Cindy. Hmmm. Okay, maybe I know her. Maybe she was a Kappa. I can see her info, her profile looks legit. Her pic looks normal, a little too serious for my taste, she’s making a seductive face, but just like a normal brunette girl.  I still ignore the friend request. This is unlike me, I’d usually just friend her. GOOD THING that I didn’t.  A couple weeks after I get Cindy’s request, I see a status update by a friend of mine that I used to work with at Harold’s; it said something along the lines of, “Don’t friend Cindy Shaeffer. It’s not a real person, but a stalker that’s trying to get to a friend of mine that went to Tech. The police are involved. Drama.”  What on earth. How strange…a false Cindy Shaeffer? Police?  Yet her profile still exists and our friendship is still pending and we have 37 friends in common.  What is going on? Unsolved Mystery….

Now, we’ll move to Marie Sandoval. She is OU’s recent Cindy Shaeffer. She’s friending everyone that I knew or remotely knew from OU, yet no one knows her. As John Zimmerman would blog, “Who in the eff is Marie Sandoval?” I accepted her friendship because some of the younger OU Kappas were doing it, so I thought it was safe. We are friends, Marie Sandoval and I. She’s currently living in Chicago. This is her profile pic.

Who are you, Marie? And why, WHY are you friending people you don’t know? It’s creepy. Facebook is to stalk the people that you at least know. Did you not get that memo, Marie? Don’t pull a Cindy Shaeffer and freak everyone out. Isn’t the world full of enough uncertainty? Let’s just keep it pure on Facebook, Marie. Some of us just want to social network in peace. I'm not even going to begin to comment on the profile pic....

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Ande said...

ugh...why am i dying to accept her friendship? yesterday, the count got up to "40 of my friends" being freinds with her. what if she is legit...or what if it is a scandal? i have been looking for some drama in my life. i will decide what to do by EOD.