Thursday, February 10, 2011

a whole new woman

ppppffffftttttt had a spa day/make-over today and came out looking like a brand new person.

I apologize for not including before and after shots...

speaking of....

Remember before Extreme Home Makeover, there was just Extreme Makeover?

Yeah, that wasn't weird at. all.

where are they now? i can guarantee- a psychiatrist's office. 

Anyway, ppppffffftttttt's subtle new changes include
  • a new background
  • a photoshopped title that i did myself. (something i learned in college came in handy?? what?!)
  • a bit of rearranging of the gadgets to the right of the screen
  • a section towards the bottom right telling the story of why i have a blog in the first place
As I've said, I love reading blogs, they inspire and teach me things and I just wanted to coordinate some stuff that I've been digging from other's blogs into my own. 

There could even be more tweaks to come. It's crazy , I know, buttt, it's fashion week in NYC, almost spring and sometimes, my friends, change is good.

Hope you like the new style. :) 

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