Monday, February 7, 2011

Progress Update: To the Lighthouse

still haven't finished it, but I have made a little headway. A very little.  We have to count the small triumphs in life sometimes. Even though it's technically a failure that I haven't finished my January book, so it is the opposite of a triumph. That freaking lighthouse....pppfffffffttttt -new years resolutions. Do they ever really pan out for anyone?

I probably could have finished the thing last week if I would have set my mind to it. As I regaled you with in a previous post, I enjoyed being a recluse with Robert and focused on doing nothing and loved every moment of it.

On that subject...

I'll never forget, a lady that I work with once told me that she thought she would be bored to death if she retired. I'm sure I didn't even respond because I was in a state of confusion.

I don't feel that way in the slightest. Completely ready for retirement. I like idleness a little too much sometimes.

This snow on Gary (our Camry) provided lots of great idle time for me. 

Brrrrrr. Last week was cold. 

Sarah and friend's new bambino

Also mentioned in a previous post, the new baby I went to see last Monday. What a precious peapod. I thought everyone would like their Monday brightened with a new baby AND Sarah holding new baby. Sarah didn't want to hold the baby because she had never held a baby that new, but the new mommy insisted on it and Sarah did just great! Maybe a newborn babysitting as a side-job, Sar? :)

this makes my mouth water

Also I must post a picture of the coconut cake I mentioned. Mostly, because I have a love affair with it. If you ever find yourself in Lubbock, Texas, promise me you will go to La Diosa Cellars. It's so magical, this cake is soooooooo GOOD, for you coconut lovers especially. The wine, the atmosphere and the food are also A+++. You will not be disappointed. 

Okay - that's it for Monday random ramblings. Al signing out.

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