Friday, February 25, 2011

Culinary Adventures with Bob and Al: V-day Recap

I'm not just saying this because I'm in love with him, but Bob really does have an eye for recipes. I can be on all day trying desperately find something acceptable/yummy/different to make and somehow he searches for 10 minutes and finds the perfect recipe. I'm telling you, it's a gift. So, when he insisted on picking the menu for Valentine's day, I didn't object. We decided to cook together at home instead our normal routine of dropping Benjamen$ at The Mansion. HA. I'm funny.

Little did Bob know when he chose these recipes that two of them would make my "Go-to" List. You know, the "Go-to" chocolate cake to make, the "Go-to" spaghetti sauce to whip up - the "Go-to" List. The list of the basic things that, as a woman, you should just know how to make, which I never seem to know and have to frantically run to Whole Foods and pick up.

First up to land a spot on the Go-to List is the salad he made. (It's a huge gesture of Valentines love that he made a salad in the first place, because Bob does not do salads.) He made Mixed Greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette. I can almost guarantee, if you come over for dinner and the meal calls for a salad, I will make this. It was simple and fantastic. A+, Bob.

He also made Bowtie Pasta with Tomato and Red Pepper Sauce. Definitely one of my favorite pasta dishes. Highly recommend. Not a "Go-to", but  definite, will make again.

Also making it to the Go-to List was Rachel Ray's Garlic Bread Recipe. It was by far the best garlic bread we've made. I've tried several others, even a frozen one, but none of them lived up to my expectations. This was the clear winner. And again- simple! (I refuse to say "Yum-O!" because Rachel Ray makes me want to poke my eye out, but I have to admit, she can come up with a good recipe every now and then. I still don't think she needs her own magazine or be on dog food commercials.)

here's a horrible pic via my blackberry of our V-day dinner. look at us being romantic! candles!! there's Bob's hand looking creepy on the right!

pretty pretty pink roses from Bob. we said no gifts and he also got me these after noticing i only had one pair of earrings and they were turning green. just love them. he's the best/sweetest. BUT, he did not follow the "no gifts" rule and he will pay for this :)

February is almost gone. Where did it go? March, St. Paddy's, spring,'s all around the corner. Looking forward to some warmth!

Don't forget to watch the Oscars on Sunday. We've still got several Best Picture Nom's to watch, hope we get to it before Sunday. If we don't, I think, somehow the show will go on :)



gustaaaaa said...

The little candle set up was soooo sweet and romantic!!!! What earings did he get you? Picture!!!!!!

alexis scarff said...

there's a link on "these" as in "he also got me these" under the pic. i wish those links stood out more. i'm sure there's a way to figure that out that i'm unaware of :)