Friday, February 11, 2011


I can't get anything holiday/card/mail related together. (Some of you will remember the Scarff Christmas Card Pic Debacle of 2010). That was fun. I still have that box of blurry cards? Why? Get those out of my life! Motivation to do some pre-spring cleaning right there.

Today, I meant to bring some Valentine's cards to work that I have left over from last year to send to my parents, Grandma and in-laws. Did I remember them? No. ppppppfffffffftttttt. They've made the journey out of my Tupperware bin with random cards, to my dining room table, to my car, back to my dining room table because I thought I'd write them during the snow day. Yeah, I didn't get to that. Can't. Get. It. Together. I'll most likely get them out tomorrow. Meaning they'll arrive at their destinations sometime AFTER V-day.

oh well, Happy Valentines to them anyway. i'm not going to "sweat the small stuff".  it's a Friday. how hilarious are those vintage Valentine's btw...

Also, I meant to get a couple posts up today that have been in the works, but I have been a little occupied. Not working or doing anything real estate related, but dog sitting this morning, then forging a document for my boss's brother-in-law this afternoon. Sigh. I get a paycheck, right? Right. 

Happy weekend everyone....

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