Friday, December 16, 2011

I can't resist, I'm sorry

Another Suri post. Someday, I will get a life. No, I doubt it. I'm guessing I will always have some weird interest in Suri Cruise. pppfffffttttt.

Read here about Suri visiting FAO Schwartz.

Seriously, what does this girl have to cry about? I don't know.


I can't really fault her, because I too have had the same kind of feelings the last couple days. The feeling of wanting to cry in the middle of a toy store. My toy store is a metaphorical one. My life is this array of blessings (married to a guy i love/healthy baby/good true friends/need i go on) and wonderful things, yet I have wanted to crawl under the covers the last couple of days and hide. Holiday stress? Maybe. Burned out? Definitely. I'm burned out of my routine, burned out of having to plan and stress for the future. Exhausted and maxed of all on ALL of it. Plus, I'm pregnant and have all of these extra hormones and estrogen pumping through my system that helps every thought and emotion be that much more heightened.

Deep breath. Pray for Robert.

But, the good thing is that God provides even when I'm ignoring Him and asleep at the wheel. He's with me and I have to let him guide me out of these bad days and know that better days are ahead.

Plus, it's the Christmas season and there is all this love, joy and peace floating all about. I bet some of it will hit me if I let it :)

If you too are having a rough week/day...just here to tell you that I feel you. It's Friday. Time to move forward, let the past be the past and know that goodness is all around us.

Here's some happy Christmas pinterest pics to make everyone feel better about life....

Thank you Lord that you make all things new, especially my heart. Also, thank you for this bulldog. He is super cute. 

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RosyRilli said...

Ditto on the bulldog!