Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 years

2 years ago today, I was on a plane almost to Maui. I was about to begin our honeymoon. Honeymoons should be an annual requirement. Every year couples should go on a week long vacation to celebrate their marriage and just enjoy each other. I guarantee the divorce rate would go down. But, really why are honeymoons only a once a lifetime thing?? There should be more. I suppose they take time, money and planning, so technically it wouldn't be possible for most people. But, I wish it was. It should be possible for most people! Who is with me?

I'm really on this "Americans work to hard" protest lately. I'm over work. Work is pointless. Okay, off my soapbox now. Get me to my Christmas vacation days off. It's clear that I am in need of them.

Anyway, obviously, since two years ago today, I was about to start my honeymoon, that means that yesterday was my 2 year anniversary.

Memory lane....

I've probably posted these pics before? Sorry for the repeat. 

I can't believe it's been 2 years since our wedding. It was so fun and special because of our friends and family that came to celebrate. I wish we could re-live it, but since that's impossible, I just have to enjoy the memories. It's so fun to look back at the pics. I still haven't got any sort of an album made? Tack that on the to-do list....

When a marker in time happens...an anniversary or a birthday, it's normal to reflect upon the time past and how things have changed. This has been a year of changes for us. Would I have guessed on our honeymoon that in 2 years I would be pregnant with our first little one? I don't think so. To quote John Lennon, "life if what happens when you're busy making other plans". Life is definitely happening and I'm grateful to be along for the ride. We had a successful visit to the doctor yesterday and everything seems to be on track and healthy with the baby. After every doctors appointment that I leave and they tell us everything is fine, I feel like someone needs to pinch me. I'm thankful to God for a good pregnancy so far. Though there are things I can do to keep the baby healthy (i.e. stay away from vodka), I keep having to relinquish the control to God. The miracle going on inside of me is a constant reminder that God is in control and the baby is His. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I'm involved, but I know that this really isn't about me. Even though I get to endure labor.  

That's all I've got today, folks. In normal pregnant girl fashion, I am tired and it's really not good for my blogging life, but I'll try to get better :)

Eight working days til Christmas weekend. EIGHT. We can do this. 


RosyRilli said...

Well I certainly agree about the working part!

alexis scarff said...

amen sister! get here Christmas! :)