Thursday, December 1, 2011


So, they say it's completely normal to have food aversions and cravings during pregnancy. This is very true for me. Especially during the first trimester, I could count on one hand the things I could physically get myself to eat. The second trimester has been better, but I feel like I have aversions to anything that is "healthy". I don't think I've had any vegetables unless they were smothered in ranch or butter. Sad, but true. Bring on the gestational diabetes. ha. I hope not. (Robert is still encouraging me to exercise. I'm still looking at him like he's crazy.)

I was kind of prepared for my tastes in food to change. Actually, I'm lying. I totally wasn't. For some reason, I thought that even when I got pregnant, I'd be one of those women that just felt normal. ppppppfffffttttttt. That's funny. I should know better. Nothing in my life is usually "normal".

What I wasn't prepared for was my tastes in my internet life to change. This is going to sound weird, but ever since I've been pregnant, I've had a major aversion to The Pioneer Woman blog. I have not clicked on her blog since I've found out I was pregnant which is a big change, since it used to be a daily read. I feel like I've broken up with her. Ree Drummond and I are no longer together.  I no longer know what she's cooking, what she's teaching her kids during her home schooling sessions, her travels, her book updates or her home and garden tips.

I'm not sure what caused this break up or complete aversion to The Pioneer Woman?? It might have been because I was constantly nauseous at first and the mere thought of looking at any of her recipes made me very ill. Or it might have been the disenchantment of her talking about her four kids on the ranch and how they are always covered in manure. Maybe it started out of frustration with her because she gets to frolic around and bank off of her blogging and I was sitting at my desk feeling pregnant and miserable.

I really just don't know exactly how or why it all began, but I still can't get myself to read her blog. Is this break-up permanent? Are we never getting back together? We really had something she and I. I even read her book, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. I know more about her life than the lives of some of my own family members. But, still, I just can't get myself to click on that blog.

I guess for now, I'll try to let The Pioneer Woman go. Along with my other aversions...healthy food, perfume, exercise, cleaning and the Whole Foods prepared food section. Just recently I've felt like cooking again which is huge. I still haven't acted on that feeling but at least it's there. I haven't touched a pot or pan since the pre-pregnancy depression hit in mid-August. Poor Robert. At least he likes fast food and take-out.

I bet the Pioneer Woman's husband never has fast food or take-out.....well, actually I'm quite certain of that since they live an hour away from civilization. Thank God that's not us. We might starve.

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