Monday, December 5, 2011

Anyone else?

Anyone else out there who reads or rather looks at Atlantic-Pacific??

That Celine bag. I die. 

I've never wanted to look or dress like someone so much in my life. It's a love/hate relationship because though I love seeing what she wears, it also makes me come to terms with how out of style I am. Then, I feel fug and realize I haven't had a manicure since last Easter or my hair colored since July. ppppfffffffttttttt. Still I'm addicted to seeing what styles she'll come up with next. Love the preppy undertones in her looks. and her jewelry. and her nail colors. you get the picture.

My sister loves her too. We showed my mom this blog over Thanksgiving. My mom was in awe with her clothes and accessories and had several entertaining musings. First she was like, "I need help with my clothes. Crocs just don't work." No, mom, crocs do not work. Atlantic-Pacific helping Moms out of crocs.

Then, my brunette mom also said, "I should dye my hair blonde!" Okay, whoa there.

Her final thought was, "You know, you really can have great style with out spending a fortune!!" My sister and I just looked at each other, because Atlantic-Pacific is NOT a bargain shopper. That girl buys the nice stuff and let's face it, the nice stuff just somehow looks better than the cheap stuff most of the time. We told my mom this and she said, "well you do need to splurge sometimes." OR all the time, like Atlantic-Pacific does. :)

Oh well, someone out there needs to shop like that so the rest of us can live vicariously through her and try to find the knock off versions at Target and Forever 21. Right? Right.


Robert said...

Meh. Get back to me when she rocks maternity jeans like you.

alexis scarff said...

why is everything about pregnancy?? do you want this to be a pregnancy blog??