Friday, September 2, 2011

In Shock

I won a blog give away? The best part is I won a blog giveaway from one of my very favorite blogs. I know you are dying to see what I here.  Whoa, I'm just in shock. Winning something is fun. I'm not used to this feeling.

If you read blogs, you know that the cute and more sophisticated bloggers have really fun and wonderful giveaways on their blogs. I usually don't enter them. I just figure I'm probably not going to win and I don't read blogs to get free stuff. I read them because I enjoy reading them and what they write and share enhances my life. This could not be more true about Apollinas (where I won the giveaway). I found her blog via foodgawker, which I've talked about before. This beautiful cake caught my eye.


and oh I'm not done
wow again.

I had never heard of a blue velvet cake or seen a cake this fun and beautiful. I immediately began go back and read all her other posts and from that point on I was addicted. I knew that this blogger had an eye for style and beauty like none other I'd seen. I definitely didn't want to miss out on what she wanted to share with the world and I added her to the list of my "Blogggzzz I Read". Little did I know, I was going to gain so much more from reading her blog than awesome insights on fashion, design and baking (which is already a lot for a blog to give). 

The following post titles I'm going to list have helped me through some rough patches and bad days. They've helped me change my perspective when it really needed it. For this, I am so grateful to Apollina, the soul behind this blog. She has touched a girl's 28 year-old heart all the way in Dallas, Texas. 

Here's the post titles. You can type them in in the "search box" on her blog for a quick find. 
-Back from My Trip
-Try something new this weekend
-Cliches to live by
-Last Month of my Twenties
-Some Observations of Women

Read these. Trust me, it's good stuff. 

When I didn't think I could love this blog anymore, I found out that, oh yes I could. I commented on a scrumptious looking cake that she had made and posted about that was inspired by Stella McCartney's spring line. She shared with her readers Stella McCartney actually ended up tweeting about her cake. That's huge! Anyway, I commented how awesome it was that her cake was known by Stella and how much I enjoyed her blog. Then the coolest thing ever happened. Apollina herself emailed me! I was so excited, I really felt that someone famous had personally contacted me :). We ended up having some email convos about our faith, The Bachelor and yoga. At that point I felt that I had truly made a friend. I've shared this blog with some of my good friends, they've become readers and one of them has emailed with Apollina too. Now we are all friends! :)

I feel very special and blessed today that I won this particular giveaway!! Thank you Apollinas!! Thank you for everything :). 

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