Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School

Man, I used to love going back to school. Yes, summers were amazing, but I was always ready to start a new fresh year. There is just so much excitement and promise there. You got to wear your new "school" clothes. Your football team hadn't lost any games yet. You hadn't made a bad grade on a test. I remember that feeling of possibility. The hope that there were new friends to be made, new young love might spark and of course, that you would make more rad memories with your best friends. With 10 year high school reunions this year, my nostalgia for high school, middle school and elementary has been at an all time high. I have found the cure to quench this nostalgia in the form of a pub crawl and I'd like to share it with you and ask you to join me.

And yes, I'm serious. 

Obviously, I'm still coping with the fact that I'm 28 and have to sit at a desk everyday. I'm not going to romanticize this: Growing up blows. (whew. someone is cynical today! sorry. bare with me.) It doesn't blow. It just sucks sometimes. No one can deny this. But, you know what helps that though?? (besides therapy, alcohol, drugs, denial, praying) For me that would be acting like you are NOT grown up. And how, you might ask do you accomplish this??? There are a lot of ways, but not all of them are healthy or socially acceptable, but something that always makes me feel sort of "brand new" if you will is........wait for it.....wait for it..........dressing up in 80's. That's correct- this pub crawl is 80's themed; hence, it's title, "Back to School: Return to Ridgemont High". If you don't know what Ridgemont High is then I suggest you google it and learn about an important time in our nation's history. Maybe dressing up in 80's just makes me feel like I'm NOT grown up because I used to really rock 80's hair in elementary. I don't know. Anyway, when else can you dress up in full 80's attire and hop on a school bus and go from bar to bar with a big group of your friends and/or strangers??? I don't really know if there is another time. It fills the little void of the longing for the true back to school.

How? Well:
a. you get to wear clothes that aren't new, but new to you! and they are really weird because they are 80s!
b. your football team still hasn't lost anything important yet 
c. eff tests! you don't have to take those anymore! 
d. the possibility of making new friends is pretty much a certainty 
e. new love could totally spark, unless you're married like me. i plan to ask my husband to serenade me with a variety of 80's love ballads. 
f. and rad memories are a given

The best part about ALL of this is NOT that it is going to help my quarter life crisis, but it is the fact that funds for this pub crawl are contributing to a very awesome cause. All the money raised is going towards high school seniors that want to go to college and can't afford it. They are selected through the Boys and Girls Club. (This organization, TYSO, was started by a group of my friends and you can find out more about it, how to volunteer or anything else, click on their website posted above.) It's way to easy for me to forget how blessed I am to have the opportunities that were given to me. No, my family is not the Rockefellers, but I never had to doubt that my parents could afford to send me to college. The fact that other kids have to worry about makes me sad. It's easy for me to live in a bubble. I will call it the fraternity and sorority bubble where almost everyone is well off or extremely well off. That's just not the norm, folks. Not that there is anything wrong with being well off, people work their whole lives to provide that life for their families! What I'm getting at is just the importance of being AWARE. The importance of giving. The importance of caring. This pub crawl (though it's going to be a lot of fun) reminds me of these things and I'm really excited and honored to be a part of it. 

So, break out your 80's prom dresses, google 80's movies poof up that 80's hair and let's do this. Ferris Bueller would be proud. 

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