Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Blogs up in here

Added to my list....

Religion Matters  - found via Facebook, written by a guy that Sarah went to law school with who once had the most brilliant/hilarious Halloween costumes I've ever seen. See below. He was a woman flight attendant. There we are reenacting a ladies luncheon.

Next blog....Manolos and Martinis. A daily does of fashion, food and all things fabulous! Recommended by a very fabulous and fun friend Ande Le Courtney. 

Saving the BEST for LAST, my little sister has started a fashion blog and it's awesome. Runs with lipstick. Great tips with hilarious insight. I love it! Follow along, you'll love it too. I predict she's going to make some waves in the fashion world in some capacity one of these days. 

little sis in lipstick right there.