Thursday, August 18, 2011

hi there

Gosh, with the lack of posting, one would think that I went into hiding after The Bachelorette ended. I didn't. The Bachelor pad is on now. Duh. Even better! But, I'm wondering if I need to re-name this blog "Mediocre Re-caps of The Bachelorette". Looking at my last several posts if fair to say that The Bachelorette is taking over "up in hur". (bad rap joke).  (horrible rap joke). That rap song is old and a blog can't be really be a place, as the phrase "up in hur" alludes. So the horrible rap joke really makes no sense. pppppfffffttttttttt.

Speaking of rap. I like Anne Hathaway more and more lately. Maybe it's all those previews I've seen of her new flick "One Day" or maybe it's this....

I appreciate someone who doesn't have to look cool  and composed all the time. I also appreciate someone, who got terrible reviews hosting the Oscars, that can dust herself off and rap on Conan.

So, anyway, in case you're wondering, I am still living a normal life even though I've lost my weekly opportunity to scrutinize Ashley and her suitors. Actually, I'm at an even better place because, as I mentioned, I get to watch the train wreck that is The Bachelor Pad! Whew. I'm not even going to touch that one because I won't be able to stop. I'll just say, bless their hearts. All of the contestants on that show: Bless their hearts. p.s. I read on that Ames and Jackie broke up. Frowny face! They made my night last Monday!

Also, if you thought that was the biggest train wreck on TV, you'd be wrong because it's been topped by a new show on Bravo that premiered last Monday, called Most Eligible Dallas.

i cringe. 

Most Eligible Dallas makes The Bachelor Pad look like smart and award-winning TV. You know, like The Wire, Lost or The West Wing. No, I'm not kidding. Obviously, I love reality TV. Okay, I love bad reality TV. The Housewives of New Jersey. I love them. Rachel Zoe. YES. So when I say Most Eligible Dallas is hard to watch, I mean it. I'm not like Sarah that has despised reality all TV since it began. (Yes, she's always hated The Real World. How is that?? I went through years of Real World obsession. My mom used to say that is not the real world this is the real world. ohhhhh annoying mom comment.) As a reality TV lover, now I'm in this dilemma. Should I watch Most Eligible Dallas? Can I even take it? I think I will. I've already hopped on the crashing plane, so I may as well ride it. Plus, my office is buzzing about it because one of our former employees is on it. I need to be in the know, right?? Right. Am I justifying watching this to myself, my husband and the world? Maybe. Maaayyyyybe.

sidenote: In high school we were shoe polishing cars and I misspelled "maybe" in shoe polish on a car. I thought it was spelled "mabey". Who's the idiot now? Thank you New Mexico education systems. pppppffffffftttttt. At least the result of 3 of your friends dying laughing at your misspelled word displayed in shoe polish causes you NEVER to misspell it again. You live, you learn. You shoe polish, you learn. 

So yeah, today I'm posting just to say that I'm going back to posting about all random nothingness. 

Thanks for sticking around, hopefully some good times are ahead. ppppffffftttttt=a good time 


Robert said...

That Dallas show is possibly the worst show I've ever seen, and I say that with all sincerity.

alexis scarff said...

nothing is worse than Mon Oncle, but i guess that's a movie so never mind.