Thursday, September 15, 2011

Songify comes to work

My bosses are sort of like streo-typical parents in the way that they know about something like a year after it comes out. You know, like, "Oh have you heard of this thing called the iPod??" and "Have you heard about this band called Cold Play??" Except with your parents you can be like, "YES, Mom, that's been around forever!!!" With your bosses you can't do this. You have to nod politely and act excited. This takes so much energy sometimes.

One of my boss's got an iPad and is up all in my business getting me to download these "new" apps that he thinks he discovers. Today he comes to my cube buzzing about this Songify app. Have I heard about Songify? Yes. Not because I'm cool, but more because I have friends that are nice that send me things that they think are cool and funny. One of these was a song by Songify. Of course, I was sent this many months ago, so I know alllllll about Songify. But, I pretended I didn't and I let him upload the app on my phone and record a phrase and the Songify app made a song about it. Laughter. He He He Ho Ho Ho. We are all entertained.

Then my other boss comes in the office. He has an iPad now too and he's talking about Songify too. Help.

"Alexis, have you heard of this thing?"

Don't make me pretend again that Songify is the coolest thing in the world.

Luckily, I don't have to because he starts playing me a song from Songify out of a phrase he put in there. I can't type the whole phrase because there are names involved, but basically the song was " _____ _______ is a dick!" _____ ______ is the name of a guy that he was suing, but isn't suing now, but he still likes to make up songs about how he's a dick. This is awkward, but I laugh, he is really pleased with himself.

Some things just shouldn't enter the work environment. Songify might be one of them, but it's too late for that now. What will tomorrow's hit single be?

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