Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Big Gulps? Huh?

Sometimes in life and sometimes in the life of a blog there is nothing to say. I definitely go through these phases in my blog life where I really just can't find anything to put out there.

Which is weird because I was voted "Most Talkative" my senior year of high school. Which is weird because I wasn't really THAT talkative. Apparently, the Carlsbad High School class of 2001 disagrees with that.

pppfffffffttttttt. Anyway, why does one have a blog when they can't even blog?? WHY?! My few readers could be thinking surely you must have something to say. Anything?! Why are you taking up room on the world wide web if you're not even going to blog about "Fall" or "Football" or "Fashion"??

I don't know. I just don't know. Kind of like I just don't know why I was voted "Most Talkative". Unsolved mysteries. 

I will tell you that during these phases of blankness, mediocre terrible ideas on what to post/blog about pop into my head. I won't review them, but they are lame and probably weird and nothing anyone wants to read. Usually these ideas pass and I'm just left with nothing. Nothing to blog about. I intend to post about stuff that Robert and I do like normal bloggers do. You know like his 10 year high school reunion?? Blah Blah Blah. But, I don't and time passes and no updates on the ol' blog. My blog remains in the catatonic state of nothingness and time. marches. on. BUT, I'm still here and still maintaining an active blog in my head and hoping for it to transport to the screen. With that I'll leave you with the lyric from a timeless song...."hold on for one more day...." - Wilson Phillips. Hold on for one more day, the day will come when I post again. Oh yes, the day will come again. 


Robert said...

dontuknow-thingsllchange-thingsllgoyourway... if you HOLLDDDD ONNNN for one more day... if you HOLLLLDDDD ONNNNNNNN

a. scarff said...

exactly, Roberto.