Thursday, September 15, 2011

I love the 80s - What We Wore

As previously blogged about, I've been excited about an upcoming 80s pub crawl. Well, it was last weekend and it was a whole lot of fun. I really love my friends and I love what they are doing with TYSO. People really rolled out for this event and did not "half ass" dress up. The full ass dressed up! I love when people do that. It definitely takes the party to the next level.

I thought I'd share with you "what we wore". You know like a fashion blogger.

Bob and Al - What We Wore - TYSO 80's pub crawl

When I found this little beauty at Good Will for $7.99, I knew it was something special. I confirmed this by texting a picture to Sarah and getting her nod of approval. 
sidenote: WHO designed this? and WHO thinks these long short things are flattering? I don't know. I just don't know. 

Next up, I'm going to show you Bob. You won't recognize him. He definitely won the costume contest in my mind.
"What on earth?" might be what you are asking yourself. He was Robert Smith from "The Cure". You can't have the 80's without "The Cure".
There's the real Robert Smith. 
Good job, Baby!! You really creeped the eff out of everybody!!!

Other fun people and fun pics
note the homemade corsage. 80s prom shout out

yes, yes, yes and yes

omg. miss pac man. 

I'm really proud of my friend, Lindsey, she's in the middle there embodying, Gem of Gem and the Rockers. You can't tell my this picture, but she's the kind of person that NEVER dresses up for anything. Well, obvi, she went all out last weekend. It was pretty bad ass. Oh and see that star on her eye. Bob drew it. A sight that I never thought I'd see: my husband drawing a star on Lindsey's face with white eyeliner. Thank you, TYSO 80's pub crawl. Thank you. 


Robert said...

Looking back, Sarah was actually pretty half-assed.

Sarah Smith said...

I am never doing your eyeliner again.

a. scarff said...

i can't breathe. hahahaa