Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jackie O. - Historic Conversations

disclaimer: It wasn't my idea to blog about Jackie O. I received some heckling from the peanut gallery that I need to blog about something; to which i wanted to respond, "you blog about something if it's so easy." Bitter Betty Blogger am I. ha. ppppffffffttttttt. Then, I caved and thought m.a.w. Might as well. Might as well blog about Jackie O. 

Okay, so as we are aware, unless you don't watch television, Jacqueline Kennedy recorded 8.5 hours worth of interviews that have now been transcribed into a book. This book shot to number 1 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble yesterday. Surprise, surprise. America's fascination with the Kennedy's lives on. I'm right there with America, I'm fascinated. The Kennedy's have always been a big deal. 

Let me tell you what I found out I'm even more fascinated with: JACKIE'S VOICE. If you saw Diane Sawyer's special two nights ago, you know what I'm talking about. I finished watching it last night. I cannot get over that voice. I've seen countless pictures of her, but I had never heard the voice behind the face. It's like this whispery, soft, movie-starish voice. I can't put it to words. But, I do know that I've never heard anything like it. What a voice. I really wish I could talk like that, but I sound like a booming man compared to that Jackie Kennedy voice. Her voice is like delicate orchids and my voice is like big redwood trees. If I was Ursula, I would have forgotten about Ariel and Prince Eric and gone after Jackie's voice and gone for JFK. (it's necessary that I squeeze in a Disney reference when I can).

That delicate, elegant voice did possess a sort of strength behind it. The strength of a woman who had miscarried 2 babies and buried a husband. The strength of a woman who kept going. I loved her candidness in the tapes. I love her intelligence. I'm proud that she is in our nation's history and I definitely plan to get around to reading her tapes. 

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