Tuesday, September 27, 2011

KXT Fall Pledge Drive

KXT is a public music radio station here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. You can tune it at 91.7 on your fm station. It  has the best of new, local and classic music. I am a big fan and love the songs they play on a consistent basis. It's probably the best radio station that I've ever listened to. I know. Big statement. It is also the first "public" and commercial-free radio station that I've ever listened to. I really didn't know what I was getting involved with by starting to like this radio station so much. I really wasn't ready for this.

Let me explain. Since, it's commercial free, they get the money to run the station from sporadic (thank you Clueless) pledge drives throughout the year. You know, instead of getting money from advertisers like those other sell-out radio stations. Ha "sell-out". How hipster of me.

So what's the big deal, right? What's wrong with a couple of innocent pledge drives??

I'll tell you what's wrong. They are starting to make me feel guilty and causing me to have anxiety on a very low level. Why? Well, obviously because I'm not pledging anything towards this service that I enjoy. Robert and I are not destitute. We have the means to get by. However, we do not have the means to donate to all of the charities and pledge drives that come up in our lives. I would love to be there, but we are just not there yet. If I donated $50 to KXT, I think Robert might really wonder about my sanity. (he probably does anyway, so I should probably just do it.) I have to keep whatever points I have with "being responsible with money" bit because quite frankly, I'm not responsible with money. BR (Before Robert) I would have donated to KXT and then be charging up the credit card later in the month because I don't have enough money to eat. Yeah, it's weird, but husbands don't like that. So, I hold in my urge to donate to things and buy presents for people for no reason, but this whole KXT pledge drive thing is really getting to me.

I'm driving along to work listening to KXT and then the dj comes on and starts talking about the pledge drive.

"Do you enjoy the service that KXT provides?" - dj

"Yes!! I dooo." - me in my head

"Where else can you hear the newest Wilco and Death Cab for Cutie mixed in with The Clash and The Beatles??" - dj

"Nowhere else. Nowhereelseeeeeee." - me in my head

"That's right. Nowhere else, but here at KXT. And we bring it to you commercial free. But, you know we can't do it for free. If we are going to keep this music coming to you. You have to do your part and help out KXT." - dj

SILENCE - in my head

"We know that there are about 100,000 of you listening right now. If all of you called RIGHT NOW and just gave $10-$20 this pledge drive could be over and we could just bring you back commercial free music." - dj

"They can see me. They know I'm listening. Sitting in my car, not pledging. Just listening to FREE music. I'm FREE LOADING MUSIC." - me in my head.

"Here we have Barbara Gomer from Rowlett, TX that just pledged. She says, 'that she's been waiting for a radio station like this for years.' And Luke Nelson from Denton, he says, 'you guys rock. you're the only radio i listen to.' " - dj

"Why can't I be like Barbara and Luke?? WHY?"- me in my head

"You can be just like Barbara and Luke. Just call or go online right now. If you enjoy KXT and if you want to continue listening to this great mix of songs that you can't get at any other station, do your part. Do your part today and show KXT that you appreciate what they bring to the community." - dj

This is when I turn to 106.1 and have to subject myself to Bruno Mars. I'm just not ready for this public radio relationship pressure. 


Robert said...

One day I hope to make enough money for you to give it away whenever you want.

alexis scarff said...

that's good. or i'm leaving. HAHA. ppppffffffffttttt. yeah, right. never ever. and who says you're going to making the $$?? i obviously have a sky rocketing career. it's just a matter of time before we are ready to retire and donate to multiple charities. ;)