Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Top 10 Blog Lists

I really don't need to follow another blog, yet I always seem to be finding new ones that I get hooked on. Yet, if you ask yourself- what do we really need?  You'll find that there's not really much that we need. We live in a culture of want. Our wants feel like our needs. Like, I need a trim. But, do I really need a trim?? Exactly. This topic is for another time and another post, but speaking of things that I don't need, but was so excited to come across today is a Top 10 Lists for blogs. Heaven knows the last think I need in my life is more blogs. Do I want to read more blogs? Yes! I feel I almost need to! Oh the vicious cycle!

How convenient that someone has more time to waste online than me and has compiled Top Ten Blog Lists for me to look at. Check it out here. 

They list: Top Ten Blogs to Learn Something New (i need to learn, right?!), Top Ten Blogs for Foodies (i need to eat? oh that really is a need!! boom!!), Top Ten Blogs for Pop Culture (i need to know how many carats Kim Kardashian's engagement right is! oh wait, no i don't, but yet i do? there might be a tough argument to need pop culture at any level. unless guilty pleasure is a need?? ppffffttttt)

All I really know is the top ten reasons that my afternoon has the possibility of flying by could very well have to do with these Top Ten Lists. We will see if they deliver. Happy reading if you choose to join me on this slippery slope of obsessive blog reading :)

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