Wednesday, May 4, 2011

helllooo may

said in the Carrie Bradshaw tone, "hello lover." (sorry, Baby. Baby hates SATC.)

Anyway, when the page turns to May all my thoughts switch to summertime. Who is not ready for some summertime? Seersucker, ritas on a patio, the smell of sunscreen, sno cones, sunglasses, 'kinis, mojitos, white jeans, warm nights, grilling out, flip flops, trips to the lake, watermelon... Oh it sounds marvelous! I'm ready for the light, airy and bright colors to come out in everyone's wardrobe. No more fleeces, no more heavy cardigans. Finally, the transitional windy and rainy months of spring are winding down and the summer gear can officially come out. In high school, I discovered that I felt skinnier and I was tan in the summer. Therefore, I declared that summer was my favorite season and I swore I would get married in the summer. I was a reallll deep thinker in my teens. Tan+skinny=happy. HA. Oh, naive high school, Alexis, if things were only that simple....

There's me in the dead of winter. Brrrr, I'm cold! Isn't it funny how things turn out? My wedding was perfect, I wouldn't want it at any other time of year. I know you are surprised, naive high school, Alexis, but you'll eventually come to terms with it. ;) 

sidenote: Now that I've seen Duchess Catherine's dress, I had to ask Robert if I was a tramp in my wedding dress because I didn't have sleeves. I don't think he even answered me. I was kidding, of course. I think? 

Back to summertime thoughts - who doesn't love shorts in the summer? These are cute.

polka dots - from antrho/ black eyelets - from j.crew

This is summery....bright like sunshine!
i'm sorry, i don't remember what brand this is? it was on gilt? like it matters, who is going to spring for this yellow suitcase ;)

Onward - I love how summer recipes are so fruit and beverage centered!

Some that I must try when those temperatures get to hot to take....

All for now....back to my dreams of summer, whilst, I sit here freezing in my office....

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