Monday, May 2, 2011

so. tired.

I'm very drowsy today and no words are coming out about anything coherent, so I thought I'd just share a couple things that I learned today.

1. Yes, I am "friends with" or "like" a page called New Mexico Green Chile. They just posted this:

Fact Of The Day: One fresh medium sized green chile pod has as much Vitamin C as six oranges.

Who knew? Green chiles to fight colds? Okay.

2. Starbucks has cake balls?

I go to Starbucks on occasion and I've failed to see cake balls. According to this blog Starbucks has cake balls. I like cake balls.

3. Bin Laden is no more. Technically, I learned that last night.

I thought I'd share my response to the news. I fell asleep rather early (I should not be tired) and Robert says out of nowhere, "We've captured Bin Laden!". In my sleep/half sleep state I replied, "ooohhhhh gooood." I'm sorry, I don't know the proper response to the United States killing a terrorist? It is good, right? I don't know, like I said, I was pretty much asleep. Also, I'm not used to Robert caring about political or current events. So, I was just really thrown off. It feels weird that there is now bigger news out there than the royal wedding? I still want to talk about Cate Middleton's dresses?

Okay, that's all. I'm going to go back wishing I was napping or that I lived in a country that took siestas. Every country should take siestas.  


Liz said...

Love this post. Hilarious. So happy you told me about your blog! Yesss!

alexis scarff said...

Liz, i'm so glad i'm reading your blog about your adventures with your adorable little guy :). yay, blog friends!