Wednesday, May 18, 2011

stuff and things

Just thought I'd pop by and say hey! All is ho hum and normal on the home front of casa de Scarff this week. 

I wanted to update you guys that Bob's blue had is MUCH better. Phew. 

Here's how it looked at it's worst....


But, like I said, it's much better. I think the doctors will be able to avoid amputating. 

I've been having some fun on the internet this week....I'd thought I'd share why...

First up, One Kings Lane. It's like a Gilt or Rue La La for bedding, art, furniture, bath linens, lighting, decor etc. I'm not in the market to look for much, but I still have fun looking every day when they send me the email.

Also, are you guys members of Goodreads? I just got Robert to join. It's so fun. You can list and review the books you've read, post the books you're currently reading and list the books you want to read. So basically just like an online list. What's fun is that you can see what your friends are reading and want to read too. Can you tell that I wanted to be librarian when I was little? I just typed the words "It's so fun" about Goodreads? Help. 

My final internet joy this week is from PinterestYou can look at mine here. It's basically just a way to track stuff you find on blogs and websites that you like. It's fun and totally addicting. Join and let's follow each other. 

There's other stuff on my mind...but that will have to wait until another time! So glad this week is winding on downnnnnn.....

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