Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Very Dull Update Continued....

I thought I'd give you an update of what I've been reading. Try not to shriek with excitement.

Remember when I said that I'd started Gone with the Wind? Well, I finished it. It was all I thought it would be and more. From the first chapter, I felt that I was in another world while reading those pages. It deserved the Pulitzer Prize that it won in 1937, it is truly a spectacular novel. It is all that you want a true novel to be. I loved learning more about the characters, especially Scarlett's mom, Ellen. By the WAY - spoiler alert - Scarlett had two children before Bonnie Blue (daughter with Rhett). She had Wade Hamilton and Ella Kennedy. They did not make the movie, so I was shocked. Yes, shocked. My love for this book has enhanced my love for this film.

*Sarah thinks I should read the Twilight series. But, I'm scared that the books won't enhance my love for the films because I've heard mixed reviews books. Oh, these tough decisions that face me.*

scenes from the movie. it won TEN Academy Awards. also, spectacular.

How do you follow up reading Gone with the Wind? I was ready for it to end because I was getting really mad at Scarlett, but as I usually am with a good book, I was sad when it was over. Robert had just finished Lonesome Dove and wanted me to read it, but I needed a break from the "epic novel" thing. So, I picked up a book that I've been trying to get through for two years. There's the poor neglected book below. 

It is good, but more informative and not exactly a page turner. I was making some progress and actually on Part II of the book when Robert surprised me and bought the final installment of the trilogy by Steig Larrson, The Girl that played with the Hornet's Nest, on iBooks for our iPad on Easter. It is our first book purchase for the iPad! 

visual representation of the book+ iPad

I don't have a kindle and I've never read a book in a digital format. (Digital format?? You know what I mean.) I was skeptical that I'd like it. I like books. I don't want books to just become screens. That's sad to me. It's also sad to me how much I rely on text and email to keep in touch with loved ones rather than picking up the phone to call these days. (Tired of using technology.) I'm totally selling out now though because I looooooveeeee reading on the iPad. I feel like I read faster, because instead of turning a page, I touch a screen. Also, Robert can turn off the light and I can still read until the wee hours of the morning without bothering him. It's fantastic! What's not fantastic is that I can't get myself to look at Omnivore's Dilemma with this great book/iPad combo in my hands. I have a feeling my "dilemma" is just going to be finishing that book. Forget the whole "Omnivore's Dilemma" business. Oh well......oh well..... If these are my problems, I'm a lucky lucky gal. 

Also, on my nightstand and another surprise from Robert, Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. I've never read it and I've wanted to since high school. Ironically, I've told people to read it and never read it. That's probably something I shouldn't admit? Anyway, I'm so excited to read it. I've read that it's a great book for skeptics and those that are searching. I know where the trust lies, in Christ, but I hoping this book with fortify my faith and help me to understand it even more.  

Well, that's all the f-u-n I've got for you now. Will keep you posted :)

Also, please keep the South in your thoughts and prayers....I can't believe those tornadoes!

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