Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Can we talk about that graffiti background this blog was rocking last week?

My gosh, why didn't anyone tell me how horribly fugly that was? I feel like I have been walking around with something in my teeth. I did choose it, but it looked MUCH different on my Samsung computer circa '04 at work than it did on my iPad. I discovered this disturbing blog news last night and gasped. Whoa! Graffiti! Me and my graffiti background blog. Who am I? Ewww. And yes, I check my own blog.

So, last night I hastily changed it up to this book background. Showing you how smart I am because I like books. HA.

It does sort of feel appropriate because I wanted to be a librarian when I was little. I really did. I know, I am getting cooler by the moment. Speaking of librarians, I am getting a much needed pair of glasses for my near sighted vision coming in the next week or so. Robert told me I looked like a librarian when I tried them on. I was thrilled!

The icing on the cake is that the glasses I'm getting are Kate Spade. She's a Kappa Kappa Gamma....got to support my sister.
kate spade ad from 2006. models with bird arms pretending to read. 


Robert said...

I bet it is hard to find a template that looks good with your posts covering most of it, but I like this background. You should stick with it for a while.

You could also do a post about how you are reading your first book on the iPad.

alexis scarff said...

it is hard to find a background! i'm glad you approve, since you might be the only daily reader :)

is the world ready for a post about my digital reading experience?? ha.

Anonymous said...

Alexis, I also read daily. Really. I get pissed when you don't post. I retold your "big girl" story at dinner the other evening with some friends. Laughs all around! I would love to hear about your ipad reading experience. I for one, am a kindle snob and prefer it over the ipad because you can read in the sun.(I sound like my husband) Also, I liked the graffiti! I like you! I like wine!
Judy V.

alexis scarff said...

JUDY V., i love YOU!!! and wine!! hahaha. i will try to post more just for you, i don't need to give you a reason to be "pissed"! also, cracking up about you being a kindle snob!! i can see how reading in the sun would be annoying with the ipad!