Thursday, April 28, 2011

I like her

why, yes, Matt Lauer, i am engaged.

How great is Kate Hudson? Instead of doing the whole "celebrity announcing your engagement" bit. She waits for someone to notice the rock on her finger. It's as if nothing even happened more than her buying a new dress. Of course in her case, that someone who just happened to notice is Matt Lauer during her interview on the Today show, so I think the cat's out of the bag. I just appreciate her not-caring outlook. 

It's not like this post-engagement behavior would happen with a normal person. What happens in real life is right after you get engaged you call you parents and then you send a mass text to all your friends that says something like "Engaged!" That's normally followed up with cocktails, shoving your ring in people's faces and regaling them of the story of "how he proposed". You can't really hold that news in and be cool like Kate Hudson. Of course, she is prego and on Hubby #2, so maybe it's a little different? 

I was so so excited and happy when we got engaged. Here's some post-engagement pics. 

Mary and Ande inspecting the jewels.
hugging Ande over and over. I love this one of Robert. it's like he's thinking "what have i got myself into?" ha.
cocktails and celebration 

It was a happy fun to reminisce...

Thanks Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy for giving me a reason to reminisce and best wishes to them too :) 


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I'm sure Kate Hudson's engagement announcement was completely spontaneous.