Monday, April 18, 2011

So guilty - social media felon

Good article in the NYT - concerning manners, smart phones, being connected 24/7 and how it's changed the way we commincate.

Some passages that hit home...

Anthony De Rosa, a product manager and programmer at Reuters and a big presence on Twitter and Tumblr, said that mobile connectedness has eroded fundamental human courtesies.

“When people are out and they’re among other people they need to just put everything down,” he said. “It’s fine when you’re at home or at work when you’re distracted by things, but we need to give that respect to each other back.”

I don't want to be that person. When in public, that's my new rule. Put it down.
Also this...
Anthony Breznican, a reporter for Entertainment Weekly, said all it takes is for one person at a dinner to excuse himself into his phone, and the race is on among everyone else.
So true. Ugg. 
Speaking of true.....
Then there is also a specific kind of narcissism that the social Web engenders. By grooming and updating your various avatars, you are making sure you remain at the popular kid’s table. One of the more seductive data points in real-time media is what people think of you. The metrics of followers and retweets beget a kind of always-on day trading in the unstable currency of the self.

I don't tweet and I don't think of facebook as some sort of validation of myself, but I see it happening daily via Facebook and wonder if I'm not a status updater because I'm afraid people won't "like" it?

Anywayyyyyyy, just food for thought for the generation de social media.

Monday is almost done. I have Friday off.

Yay, Easter!

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