Thursday, April 14, 2011

blog spring break

The last couple weeks, my blog has been on spring break in Mexico. That's why there haven't been any posts.

Ha. Kidding.

The real reason is that every time i go to write a post these past couple of weeks, one of my boss's gives me an assignment. It shouldn't be bad, but good, right? That's what good boss's do. They give useful assignments. The issue I have is that I've been doing the exact same things for the past 5 years. Upward mobility doesn't exist. Also, assignments being useful doesn't exist. It's Groundhog Day and there's no way to stop it. I won't explain the assignments, but I'll just say that the most annoying one is something that I know my boss's are supposed to do, but push off on me because they "don't have time". They do have time. They go to lunches and leave early to go to happy hours. This assignment just sucks so they don't want to do it. Therefore, they micro-manage me to do it and constantly ask me about it's progress with intense stares. I'm starting to believe it's causing an ulcer, because sometimes flashes of rage vent inside of me when I'm nodding politely while they're giving me instructions.

It just happened again. I was sitting at my desk finishing lunch. My boss approaches my desk and begins prodding me about "where I am with the assignment". Lawd, help me.

To make matters more painful, I keep on thinking that it's Friday and it's only Thursday.

I sound so forlorn. I really don't mind these assignments when I'm feeling sane. I don't mind helping out my boss's. It's my job. I try to shift my focus, be grateful for every day and know that these annoying assignments are temporary. Like so much of of daily stresses and worries. Like so much of what we feel is important. Temporary. Even this life is temporary and short. Be grateful today.

Oh also, I've been a little busy (along with my annoying assignments) due to these guys...

I've been helping out the DFW Pug Rescue and it's been so fun, so far. I'm going to my first "event" this Saturday. No pug left behind is their motto. It's now, one of my motto's too. 

Until next time....

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