Friday, January 13, 2012


remember how I said I was going to blog about the Bachelor, well, I haven't typed one word on the topic. I feel like blogging about this season is slipping further and further away, BUT, my boss is o.o.t. next week which means ample free time at work and this could lead to a massive post on this season so far. Somehow I think the creatures of earth will survive whatever I decide to do about this predicament. I don't even know what kind of "problems" this could be categorized under?? White people problems? First world problems? Blogging problems? Lame problems??

Ben is the Bachelor. Ben is a wine maker. Ben has a dog named Scotch. 

It's Friday the 13th, it's also my parents 33rd anniversary...what a day kids, what a day. 

That's all I've got....happy weekend!

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