Tuesday, January 10, 2012

rainbow sherbert

So i've been craving it. Last night I easily managed to eat almost a whole pint. Not like a tub, but a Ben and Jerry's sized pint. I still feel like a lard ass but I wanted to distinguish it for you to make myself feel a little better.

Anyway, Robert told me this joke

I mean, I laughed so hard. I think Robert was confused, I mean it is not that funny. 

Pregnancy has done this to me. Corny jokes really slay me. I think they are HILARIOUS. Probably even bad jokes. So any terrible, cheesey corny jokes you know, feel free to send them my way. Apparently, this is what my sense of humor is morphing into. 


dem0036 said...

I just recently started following your blog, found it from the lovely "next blog" feature... I like how open and honest your posts are, and that you know who to lean on when things get crazy :) Good luck with the baby! and I loved your sherbert joke...here's another one.

"two peanuts were walking down a dark alley....one was a salted".



alexis scarff said...

HAHA. omg love the peanut joke!! i will use that one :) thanks for the blog support too...really! can't wait to check yours out!!

Robert said...

Maybe you should turn this into a comedy blog.

Robert said...

Just post after post of jokes.

alexis scarff said...

what about just a blog dedicated to knock knock jokes??

Robert said...

How many ADD kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Let's ride bikes.