Thursday, January 19, 2012

Forever Young

I don't know what it is, it could be being pregnant and it could be just being 28, but I'm experiencing a resurgence of fondness for memories of my youth. I've always have a fondness for these memories, but I as grow a little older, the fondness seems to deepen and though I don't want to go back, I do treasure every second of carefree stupidness I was lucky enough to experience. Even things as simple as listening to music with my friends on the drive home from cheerleading practice seems precious. It's those little things that I remember and smile about. There's just nothing like being young. At 28, yes, I'm still youngish, but young I am not and that's okay because once and a while some gem will come on the radio and I can turn it up and still feel like I'm cruising streets of Carlsbad with my best friends and that is a good feeling :)

Songs of my high school. 98-01 baby....

Shimmer. Classic.

The Freshmen. What does it mean? Who cares? It's awesome.

How's it Gonna Be? Deep

Adia. All Sarah McLachlan. YES. Me and my besties even went to Lilth Fair.

There's many more, but these always get me. Oh high school. Oh life. Oh time.


Julia said...

Lilith Fair? Alexis.

I miss you!

alexis scarff said...

HAHAHAHA. true life, i went to Lilith Fair. we didn't know it was a lesbian thing and we were confused with all the women couples all around us?? i miss you! let's do something soon :)

Robert said...

Bad tunes!

Apollina said...

Um, I think I love you, just by the way. You are so fun to listen to (read) and I am incredibly happy for you and Robert having your first little one. I'm so sorry I didn't send my blessings sooner! And, if I ever get one of these books finished, you'll get the first, complimentary copy:)xx

L Smith said...

Butch and Mona!!!!!!!! This post just made my year!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!