Friday, July 30, 2010

Will you???

I can't handle this subliminal marketing anymore.

Okay, so at the end of yoga, almost every time, the teacher ends the class with, "See you tomorrow. Namaste." I understand that yoga is meant to be practiced everyday; therefore, the "see you tomorrow" is logical. BUT, I am tempted to think... Will you??? Will you see me tomorrow?? Maybe I don't want to go to yoga tomorrow. Maybe I'm canceling my ridiculously expensive membership at your studio?? We don't know for sure if "you will see me tomorrow".

You may or may not see me tomorrow. Namaste. 

So, today, I'm at Eatzi's minding my business. I'm leaving with my salad in tow and one of the Eatzi's employees gets the door for a couple of us ladies on our way out and has says, "See you tomorrow!" ppppfffffttttttt. Will you??? Will you see me tomorrow?? I actually don't think you will because I can't spend $10 on lunch everyday, but it's a nice idea Eatzi's guy. See you in a month when I feel like splurging.

home of birds, samples and the over-priced salad.

I'm forced to ask, what's next??? I go to Neiman's to purchase my first real Louis Vuitton and I get the "see you tomorrow" from the salesgirl??

The only people that will truly  "see me tomorrow" are the people at RPI and Robert and honestly they don't even know for sure. i.e. "RPI, I quit." or "Robert, I'm going to go Eat. Pray. Love." (honey, I'm kidding, that would never ever happen. I love you.) Anyway, if complete strangers could please refrain from their sure statement of "seeing me tomorrow" that would be great. Can I just decide whether or not I want to "see you tomorrow"??

All for now.....I would say see you tomorrow, but I'm just going to leave that ball in your court. winky face.


Ande said...

i went through an Eatzis phase, and when you leave, it says, "see you tomorrow" on the door. i would always think to myself, "yes you will eatzis, yes you will."

now i want to go to eatzis.

and on the eat, pray, love mentioning- dont you know so many people are going to want to quit things and "go find themselves" for a year?

alexis scarff said...

oh man, i know about those eatzi's phases. i've gone in and out of them myself. cox and i would go so much when we lived together and sample so much, we'd be full when we left. haha.

and on the eat, pray, love thing...i many people are going to want to do that! but i think the thing about the author, Elizabeth Gilbert, that's different from most was that she hadn't been single since she was 18 (if i remember correctly, been a while since i read that baby) i think she had not had real time for herself before she settled down in her marriage and just kind of got lost in it all, you know? it is very drastic what she does..leaves her hubs and life, BUT everyone does have their own path! the previews for that movie make me so ancy (sp?) to travel!