Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Once upon a time in the far away beautiful land of Flowermound….

there lived a pilot and a former Hooters waitress. They were in love and engaged to be married.

BUT, it is now with a “certain degree of sadness” that I tell you that they are no longer living in Flowermound or in love or engaged.

Jake vs. Vienna – The Break-up Interview

WTF, ladies and gents, WTF. I have never seen such a thing like what went down during that interview.

Honestly, I’m still not clear who broke up with who or why they broke up? Vienna did state that it went downhill after the first month. So, I guess, when Jake figured out that you can’t have a relationship based on sex alone he stopped giving any effort whatsoever? Plus he was really engrossed with Dancing with the Stars. Come on Vienna, sometimes they have to learn two routines in one week, give him a break. I kid, I kid.

I also am amused about how Jake’s “nice guy” stereotype is completely blown to smithereens after this interview. He could NOT stop cutting her down.

Jake: “I’m so mad at you. I’m disgusted with you.”

Hmm. Okay. Understandable, she sold their story to the tabloids. Still “disgusted” on national tv is a little harsh.

Jake: “At least I was pursuing a career in something.”

Now, this comment really confused me. Did Jake think he was getting a career woman? Did he want her to get a hostess position at the Applebee’s in Lewisville? What on earth did he want Vienna to do? 

Jake: “She was excited because I put her on TV.”

Pot calling kettle black, Jake -you, fame whore, you.

Onward to another point of contempt between J and V. The dog. People.com sites the dogs name is Chloe. Oh Chloe without you there might have been a chance for these two star-crossed lovers. Ppppfffffttttttt.

"I left everything to support you," Girardi told Pavelka. "I wouldn't have moved out here to L.A. with nothing, left my family ... my dog." 

“Left everything” – do tell, V, what is everything?? (I’m not saying she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke nigger)

Also, I guess, Jake made some snide comment about the dog when it was “in the hospital with IV’s in her”.  I may be jaded, but in my experience that is just what guys do. My dad always grumbles about my moms animals. It’s not a personal attack; it’s just a guy thing. I don’t think Jake was sincerely wishing ill upon the dog. If she is claiming emotional abuse on this one, I give up. How did the dog even come up anyway? Why are they talking about the dog? PAINFUL.

That’s all I can get out at this point, but I leave you with this question: Team Jake or Team Vienna?

They are both annoying and dorky, but let’s analyze….who is the real villain here? Vienna interrupts. Jake treats Vienna like a child. Vienna is like a tabloid. Jake doesn’t like her dog. Jake is going to be on the Lifetime network. Vienna is going to work at a “marketing job” helping a charity in L.A. (I give her 2 months, she’ll be in Playboy.) Who ARE these people?

They’ve lost complete sight of real life to even agree to do a break up interview, but I just wonder: Did either of them really want to find the kind of love in the first place OR did they just want some fame and excitement?

If it’s the first, that they were truly looking for a soul mate, then it is sad to see what this whole experience has turned into. If it’s the other, then I hope they are happy, because their 15 minutes is up and no one has any respect left for either of them.

really is a little sad.

I personally am Team Craig M., who I’ll be seeing on the Bachelor Pad, premiering August 9th, see ya there….


p.s. you diehards, stay tuned for Bob’s recap on last nights Bachelorette


Robert said...

there are ppppffffftttttt diehards?

alexis scarff said...

yes, honey. you and me.