Friday, July 30, 2010

What are we???

Robert sent me this article this morning:

Along with this question, "are we young adults?". My initial thought was, "well, hell, i don't know..." Are we young? Compared to our parents....yes. Compared to the current cast of Real World: Back to New I can tell you I sure don't feel "young" after a night of drinking. Alexis used to be able to have 3 mambos and function the next day. Now, Alexis has one mambo and is very ill for at least TWO days. What is this? Get it together body.

20 year old fetuses

i google imaged baby boomers and this came up 

Also...are we adults? If you were with me at the Loon last night, I think you might answer "no" to that question on my behalf. I wasn't dancing on tables or anything, but I'm remembering setting my drink down multiple times at random places then coming back to it and drinking it. To that I say: TGIWR or Thank God I Wasn't Roofied. On the other hand, earlier in the day I bought a baby gift for a friend of mine. I have a friend with baby. Does that mean I'm an adult? I don't know. Idk. Idontknow.

Regardless, I like where we are. Whatever this phase is I welcome it. Hello late 20s, come on in.

(sidenote on the article: Dallas didn't make the 10 great cities for young adults, but Salt Lake City did? Please. Those people don't even have caffeine over there.)

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